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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lucy according to Carol!

On the phone with Carol a short time ago and talking as always about Dad and how he is. Which at this point in time is not good at all. We started going back in time.
I was telling her that I don't recall a lot about Lucy as a baby. I remember her crying a lot when she was just a tiny baby because he had such a bad ear infection that they couldn't seem to get rid of. She was so little and cried so hard from the pain. In talking with Carol she brought to mind the way Lucy used to play in the pan cupboard. After she told me that then yes I do remember her in a box. Lucy had a thing for containers of any kind. Forget giving her toys she preferred boxes and such. She would push a cardboard box over to the pan cupboard then climb in the box only to have to crawl out again to move the box open the doors. She would then push the box back to the cupboard and unload the shelves of their contents. She loved the pan lids and would load her box, the one she was sitting in, full of lids of every shape and size. I can see her in a little pink checked dress sitting in the box full of pan lids. Somewhere in the family we have a picture of that. I will have to see if I can find it.
I guess I could add on about Connie and the way she got a cute little scar on her other end. In one particular house that we lived in the bathroom of which there was only one, had a small gas stove. We were a frugal bunch of girls and a couple of us always took our baths together. After all we were just young girls any way. One particular evening Connie and I chanced to get our bath together. After washing the hair and the bodies and generally making the floor wet with play it was time to get out. Of course we were warm and the air was chilly with no heat save for the small gas heater. Connie got out first so she was nearest the heater, being cold she backed up to get her bottom warm and backed just a tad to far. Pssssst! You got it she nows carries a couple of little marks in the shape of a grill where her other end touched. She had a problem sitting down for a couple of days but as with kids it never lasted very long. We were tougher in those days.
Talking with Carol brought back one other very fond memory of her. Right out of high school Carol joined the Army. She was stationed very far away in Ft. Rucker, Alabama. I was very proud of that fact so needless to say the first time she came home on leave and we all went to church together Carol in her uniform of course I was stuck to her like day old gum. I was so very much, look at me, look at me with Carol she has a cool green uniform with ribbons and a name tag. Carol still lives in the south due to the fact that she met and married Cecil while at Ft. Rucker and they live in Cecil's home state of Florida. In my phone conversation with Carol I brought up her first auto accident. Remembering the way she told Mom and Dad that it happened. To lay the ground work I must first tell you she side swiped a parked car. She told them that her right foot was cold so she stuck it under the heater and operated the gas and brake with her left foot. Thus the accident. In laughing about that she told me the true fact of that story. She had Elaine, her girl friend, and Keith, Elaine's boy friend, in the car with her and Keith did not like the radio station she had on. When fiddling with the radio to find a station she hit the parked car. No wonder the rest of us couldn't drive the folks cars until after we moved on. I took drivers ed in 9th grade and didn't drive until I married my husband. See what big sisters will do for you. They mess up your lives but you know I wouldn't have wanted it any other way!
Heres to an awesome and love filled day!

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  1. Yep, that picture DOES exist, complete with a snotty nose and shiny cheeks and hair sticking out in every direction! I love reading your memories Penny, you make me smile every single day!