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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lessons in leaving

Saturday the clock neared 2 p.m. and Sam just didn't want to go. He wanted to stay with Grandpa and Grandma. He was such a hoot the 6 weeks he and Christian were here. Saturday morning came much to early but we made plans to have a nice joint Birthday breakfast for Christian, Erin, and Christy. Biscuits and gravy for the boy and Crepes for the girls. What a way to start the day. When we finished eating and cleaning up the mess it was really time for the boys to get their stuff organized. With the help of Mom and with Grandma looking for stuff they tended to drop here and there they were finally packed. The very last thing to go in the bag was some frozen fish that the boys had caught while down in Buhl on the 4th of July. Sam got smart and sat down where the fish were being dumped, drew up his knees, and held his grocery sack out so he could start shoveling in the fish. They got to keep what they caught. Christian caught a couple and Sam got 6 or 7. He even gutted one with the help of Noah, soon to be newest member of the clan. We had some of them for dinner one night. WOW were they good! Forgot how good trout tastes when it is fresh. I wish I could have been there! Being with three of my sisters at my Dads youngest brothers, Larry, house was a good place to be. I sure grateful for the good time the boys had while here and hope they want to come back. Sam was so typically 13 when we dropped them off at the airport, he wouldn't kiss me goodbye in public it was all I could do to kiss him on the cheek. LOL!!!! I hope he gets over that. His dad was such a hugger at that stage of his life even in public. Christian has called me to tell me he has a friend code on Animal Crossing so our characters in the game can visit one another. This might be fun. HEHEHEHE we will have to wait and see.
As for me I am fine, still in my pjs and it is almost 5 p.m. needed it though. Been a very busy 6 weeks. TTFN!!!!

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