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Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's Late and should be sleeping!

It is getting late but due to my over looking when one of my meds got low a failed to take it in I am unable to sit and watch TV so here I am at this computer writing yet again about some of the things we did growing up.
We had the coolest wagon when we were growing up. It wasn't that it was anything special but it was brown and pulled real easy and we had more fun trekking across the United States with out ever leaving our own yard. Mom would let us take blankets and pillows from the house and of course the essentials when you are going on a wagon train. From one spot in the yard to the next we would make camp. Use a weed, that when dry looked a lot like coffee grounds, to make our morning and evening brew. Pile sticks which we packed with us in the wagon from place to place. We could pretend a feast fit for a king or a simple lunch. Teri, Connie, Lucy and I spent many happy hours camping our way across the yard. Our wagon never failed us, never broke down and the puller didn't need a harness. What a fun time we had! I sometimes long for that much simpler time in life when all you have to worry about is when school is out for the summer and how long is it till Christmas. Our lives were simple, slow, full of love and fun.
I have so many things that are running through my head it is sometimes hard to remember what I have said. I can see Lucy sitting in a very small ditch with a little boy named Danny. Both were in diapers and both were covered with mud. I see us taking special care of the piece of window screen Dad gave us to use when we made mud pies because if you sifted the dirt first is was fine with no clods, awesome piece of equipment of have. Richard would save part of his lunch for Connie and Lucy when were dating. I was still in school and dating a man who had been out of school for a while and had recently gotten back from basic training for the National Guard. He still lived at home and yes his mom still fixed his lunches. They were usually always so big that he couldn't or wouldn't eat it all. When he came to visit me after he got off work he always brought his lunch pail in the house with him. Those two little sisters of mine would attack his lunch pail as if they were starving. He always left them something even the smallest thing made them happy.
I thank God everyday for my family, kids, grandkids, sisters, mom, dad, and even the extended ones. I am truly blessed to have you all in my life.

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  1. What blessings the Lord has given us! What bounty and what support! So glad we found our way back to each other. God is so good to give us these awesome times together, times of peace and joy and love and safety.