Treking in the woods.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Rolling along in an automobile
4 loving sister, and me at the wheel.

Nebraska bound to see our Dad
to do what is right no matter how sad.

Five of us born to Kemp and Ellen
All ages and weights but I'm not tellin!

Carol came first she leads the way
Her birthday is April but not fools day.

Teri Jo was the second in line
Her day is in March not very fine.

Me I'm Penny came third from the front
Born in October before the cold brunt!

Connie came next fourth you may say
Her birthday in January was a cold dreary day!

Last but not least Lucy brings up the rear.
Her birthday early October was filled with cheer.

Each one of us special each one of us dear
each to her own the wonders of family mysteries unknown!

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