Treking in the woods.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sitting outside this morning with my cup of coffee and my husband is the perfect way to start the day. It was still cool and pleasant. We sat and talked quietly about the various things old married folk talk about from what bill needs to be paid to what do we want to do to our house next. Mind you our house was built in the early 70's and is in the process of being upgraded to what we want. I look back at old photos and laugh at the blue and red shag carpet that used to grace our family room floor. So many kids played on the ugly old carpet. The day Erin and I got rid of it was one of the greatest days in this house. We, Erin and I, had this wild idea we would lay self adhesive tile squares down before Richard got home from work. Well to make a long story short, it wasn't that easy. As with everything we do in life something always gets in the way of the short cut. I guess it pays to plan and execute with that plan. Makes for a lot less stress and a more congenial atmosphere. Today we have a beautiful ceramic tile floor that Richard and I laid ourselves. Our kitchen has been modeled not in the sense that walls were moved but new cupboards in a new configuration, we removed the peninsula and put in an island instead. Richard did all the work himself as he is so much the perfectionist he didn't feel anyone could do it as good as he could. You know he has always been that way sometimes it drives me crazy but when the job is finished it is done right and it looks great. I am then glad he likes it done right. Our conversation this morning consisted of what color of paint we are going to use on the house and the trim. Neither of which we can agree, just not green. HaHa! I also want hard wood floors and he hates the idea of that. I can just see my living room, sewing room and hall way in a nice honey oak color wood. I will keep talking maybe by the time we actually get to them I will get what I want, or in other words my way. Believe me I don't get my way very often.
Talked with Steph Hickey from Bryan East in Lincoln Nebraska, she thinks we need to have Dads competency tested as to making his own medical decisions. I will pray about this, talk with Connie, Lucy and Carol and get their input. I don't want Dad to feel like we are wanting him to die, but doing this stint thing every 6 weeks is not going to stop the process that has already began in his body. I hope that does not sound bad. Such a hard think to know what is right. Steph did say if she thought any other outcome would be possible she would have told me so but beings she feels as we do that it is really just a matter of time and I want so much to be able to get him where he wants to be and that is home. With his things his dog his house as much as it is at peace and happy.
Connie and Lucy have been such a blessing in all this. I can not express in words the joy and comfort I feel knowing they are a phone call, a text, or email away from me. It is such an overwhelming sense of joy to be folded in the arms of my sisters. God gave us the tools to put our relationship back together and we took hold of it with all our hands and did just that. Praise be to God, and thank you Lord for your love and support. AMEN.

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