Treking in the woods.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Forgot this existed!

It has been so long since I was here I actually forgot how to get to it. Wow! How lame is that?

Okay so to give the run down on our lives for the last months. I can't remember much before June so I will start there. Six wonderfully crazy sisters spent the better part of 3 months planning and anticipating our Sisters trip. To say the least we were not disappointed. I for one had the most fun. I laughed and laughed and loved every minute of it. Cooking chores were shared between all of us. Man did we ever underestimate how much we were going to eat. Ha Ha Ha!!! You would have thought we were a bunch of burly loggers by the amount of food we tried to cook and eat. A good lesson learned. Eat more salads and fruit and a little meat to keep us healthy.

I read through my journal when I was alone and spent most of one day crying! Oh my what love I feel for all my sisters. We have not only mended our relationship we have built it bigger and better and sturdier than ever before. There is nothing I would not do for them and know that they would do the same for me. I gained a whole new respect for the ability of Lucy to understand and convey her faith. I strive to be like her. I have been reading and studing the bible a lot more than ever just trying to live a more Godly life. I read a verse the other day that I keep reminding Richard of. He is a Godly man but he gets very short tempered and angery with his fellow man. I want so much for him to face life with a smile and know that not everyone on the road is there to just make him mad. I will have to hunt for it again and write it down so I can remember it.

After the Sisters trip I came home and got ready for the Grandsons to come visit us. They got here on the 4th of July and stayed till the August 13th. We had some good times and some quiet times. Erin took us all to Roaring Springs. I even went along to the delight of the GrandDaughters. Erin and I spent a lot of time talking just about all sorts of things. We have a very different relationship then that of the past. She keeps me at an arms length but with the help of a new good friend Diane Fisher I have found a way to be okay with it. One day she will find her way back to me. It is a really strange feeling to know that I can not just to her home and walk in. Challis does not give me that freedom. Very hard to except but I am trying. Erin and Challis got married on the 5th of August, here in our backyard. The grass was not in the best of shape but the flowers all looked very good. I can usually count on that much in my yard. They also bought a house and will move next weekend. We, Richard and I, are steering clear of that mess. Besides they are hiring Cross Town Movers to get their stuff moved to the new house. I am proud of them the house they bought is just 6 years newer than our house. At least they went in with their eyes wide open. We were not invited to look at it before they bought it. We were given the website to view it, but that is as far as it has gone. Things like that don't bother me anymore. I guess you could say I have grown up. Yea it is about time!!!!!

Okay on to the nex thing in my life! Hmmmmmm just getting some rest from when the boys were here. To tell the truth I have been very tired. I am struggling a bit to get rested up. Hard to sit still and just hold the chair down like I probably should. There is always something that needs to be watered, or weeded, or someone that needs to be fed, or just loved on. Dr. Moore has been taking a closer look at my left knee. It has been giving me fits for the last couple of years in that it clunks and aches more than it should. He gave me an injection in it earlier this week and I go back on the 29th. May get poked in the other one only time will tell. They are trying physical therapy before the surgery word comes up. They would replace the knee cap and the plastic between the titanium plates. I dona not know.

Well it has been a long while and I am sure no one is reading anymore. I guess I will have to let the two who have read this that I have once again posted on this location. I should get some pictures on here. Sometimes it is a trial in futility.

So for this post, night night all. I love you my family.