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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Book

I have decided to write a book! Not in the sense that anyone but family might want to read it but a book none the less. This book will be about the exploits of growing up in a family of 5 girls. Connie and Lucy the youngest two did not have a lot of time with us older 3 but ours lives have been interwoven just the same. I plan to ask each one of my sister, my bothers in law, my nieces, my nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends okay okay anyone that might have a story they would like to tell about our family both then and now. I think one of the biggest reasons I feel so strongly about this is so much of our family history is lost because we the younger generation are not interested until it is to late. Our Dad is an old man now and his memory is not what it used to be. His Mom, Grandma Hopkins lived to be a very old woman and I never took the opportunity to talk with her while she was still alive. So get ready family I am asking for stories about the Hopkins girls, good, bad, funny, sad but stories none the less. In our recent visit to Nebraska we had the opportunity to visit with Dads youngest brother, Larry and his wife Margaret, she is our Aunt but our closeness in age makes it difficult to call her Aunt. Anyway back to the story. Uncle Larry asked us to tell our Mom Hi for him when we talked to her. She had asked us to remind him that when he lived with them one summer and of how he would pour a bowl of cereal and eat cereal until his milk was all gone. Used to drive Mom up the wall. Uncle Larry said that was the only way he could get rid of the milk. His Mom had taught him not to waste things and he just couldn't see himself pouring milk down the drain. You see he didn't like the taste of milk. He was being frugal but not really. The cereal didn't last very long. Those are the things that make our family what it is. I can't wait to fill a book with stories and pictures.

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