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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Making my day!

Just had a text message from my lil sis Lucy who has been enjoying the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich. I am so glad she has found them as funny as I have. When she told me about the Clinton mask and Grandma Mazur well you will just have to read it. I will say this knowing she laughed till she cried perked up my whole day. If you need a pick me up just give your day over to Stephanie she will surly cure you of all your blues.
The whole laughing thing reminded me of our recent cross country trip. We found more crazy dumb things that tickled us then any of had a right to. From Lucy taking pictures to document our trip and trying to get a good shot of the antelope frolicking in the green grass and kicking up dirt as they sprinted back and forth with each other. I became very familiar with the rumble strip that is ground into the sides of the freeway. Lucy would exclaim oh that is cute and snap and of course I would have to look, but you see I was the driver and spent a good share of the time riding on that strip that scared the life out of a person when you hit them doing 70 miles and hour. Lucy would get so enthralled that I could actually run over them on purpose just so she would jump. We got so tickled that all of us nearly wet ourselves. Lucy got some of the greatest pics of the trip over, of Dad, and the way home I am so glad she had her camera and wasn't afraid to use it. Made the whole thing much easier and gave us a wonderful set of memories to hold dear.
I am wishing it would cool off right about now. We have heat, heat, heat, so glad there is no humidity to go with it. Predicted a few more days of this heat then a break. Typically Idaho though. We always have a few very hot days then cool ones. It does cool off at night, mostly, sometimes not. I am very grateful for air conditioning, lived many years in this house without it.
My good friend Chris Gill is in the processing of laying her Mom to rest. My heart is very heavy for her but I was able to tell her to smile and just think of the party her Dad and Mom are having in the Lords house. Dancing, laughing, holding each other and telling Chris and her family to not to cry they will see them all one day. I pray she can smile and be happy that her Mom is in such a wonderful place called Heaven.
One Dad will be there. Holding his Dad that he lost so very many years ago, his younger brother Don, his sister Babe, and many many more that have gone before. His pain and suffering will be at an end. He will be at peace.

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  1. Haha! Im more than happy to oblige you my dear sis! I see you are adding things to your blog, I like it!