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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Forgot this existed!

It has been so long since I was here I actually forgot how to get to it. Wow! How lame is that?

Okay so to give the run down on our lives for the last months. I can't remember much before June so I will start there. Six wonderfully crazy sisters spent the better part of 3 months planning and anticipating our Sisters trip. To say the least we were not disappointed. I for one had the most fun. I laughed and laughed and loved every minute of it. Cooking chores were shared between all of us. Man did we ever underestimate how much we were going to eat. Ha Ha Ha!!! You would have thought we were a bunch of burly loggers by the amount of food we tried to cook and eat. A good lesson learned. Eat more salads and fruit and a little meat to keep us healthy.

I read through my journal when I was alone and spent most of one day crying! Oh my what love I feel for all my sisters. We have not only mended our relationship we have built it bigger and better and sturdier than ever before. There is nothing I would not do for them and know that they would do the same for me. I gained a whole new respect for the ability of Lucy to understand and convey her faith. I strive to be like her. I have been reading and studing the bible a lot more than ever just trying to live a more Godly life. I read a verse the other day that I keep reminding Richard of. He is a Godly man but he gets very short tempered and angery with his fellow man. I want so much for him to face life with a smile and know that not everyone on the road is there to just make him mad. I will have to hunt for it again and write it down so I can remember it.

After the Sisters trip I came home and got ready for the Grandsons to come visit us. They got here on the 4th of July and stayed till the August 13th. We had some good times and some quiet times. Erin took us all to Roaring Springs. I even went along to the delight of the GrandDaughters. Erin and I spent a lot of time talking just about all sorts of things. We have a very different relationship then that of the past. She keeps me at an arms length but with the help of a new good friend Diane Fisher I have found a way to be okay with it. One day she will find her way back to me. It is a really strange feeling to know that I can not just to her home and walk in. Challis does not give me that freedom. Very hard to except but I am trying. Erin and Challis got married on the 5th of August, here in our backyard. The grass was not in the best of shape but the flowers all looked very good. I can usually count on that much in my yard. They also bought a house and will move next weekend. We, Richard and I, are steering clear of that mess. Besides they are hiring Cross Town Movers to get their stuff moved to the new house. I am proud of them the house they bought is just 6 years newer than our house. At least they went in with their eyes wide open. We were not invited to look at it before they bought it. We were given the website to view it, but that is as far as it has gone. Things like that don't bother me anymore. I guess you could say I have grown up. Yea it is about time!!!!!

Okay on to the nex thing in my life! Hmmmmmm just getting some rest from when the boys were here. To tell the truth I have been very tired. I am struggling a bit to get rested up. Hard to sit still and just hold the chair down like I probably should. There is always something that needs to be watered, or weeded, or someone that needs to be fed, or just loved on. Dr. Moore has been taking a closer look at my left knee. It has been giving me fits for the last couple of years in that it clunks and aches more than it should. He gave me an injection in it earlier this week and I go back on the 29th. May get poked in the other one only time will tell. They are trying physical therapy before the surgery word comes up. They would replace the knee cap and the plastic between the titanium plates. I dona not know.

Well it has been a long while and I am sure no one is reading anymore. I guess I will have to let the two who have read this that I have once again posted on this location. I should get some pictures on here. Sometimes it is a trial in futility.

So for this post, night night all. I love you my family.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is anyone reading this?

Well all you out there I guess you are out there are you reading and not commenting? What is it you want to hear from me? Goofy stories, my life in a nut shell, or my heart break? Well you will not read much on heart break because I have very little. A couple of sentences will tell you what breaks my heart. First the fact that my Jason and his family choose to live so very far away. I used to worry if we had done something or said something that chased them away. Christy and Jason have always assured us it was not about us but I still have my doubts. Jason likes to come home but Christy on the other hand hasn't been here in a couple of years. I miss them so much it makes my heart hurt. Next would be that Erin does not want me as a parent anymore. Her words she wants a pal. How does a mother keep her child at arms length? I have yet to figure that out. I let her call me, I abstain from contacting her even to just say I am thinking about her. I am more than a little afraid that she will misread my intentions. So short story it is easier to be safe than to risk another argument and alienation. I am eternally grateful to my sisters. All 5 of them. Carol, Teri, Connie, Lucy and Judy. Judy is not blood but she is just as much a sister as one that is. I have been bolstered, uplifted, assured and comforted by all of them. I feel loved and cared for by each. I am so blessed by them and very grateful for them! I have to tell you all about something that happened last week. You got it right it happened to yours truly and it was funny to everyone but me. Isabelle was sick with Strep Throat so she was here with us and laying on the couch watching TV. On the tube was a movie called "ED" it is about a monkey that helps a farm team baseball pitcher throw a curve ball. This monkey had quite an arm. When he first picked up the ball I didn't think to much about it until he let it fly and I just happened to look up at the tv and saw that ball screaming toward my face. OMG it startled me so bad I actually jumped and did the startled sound. Richard started laughing so much I thought he was going to fall out of his chair. Izzy could only ask if I was okay. Well suffice it to say it was a few minutes before my heart rate slowed and I could go change my pants. I am to old for stuff like that to happen. Well I was going to write more but Richard just came home from golfing with friends and he is hungry. We are going to have Chinese. See you all later.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Checking in!

As I told you all in the message thread I would relate to you the story that Mom relayed to me just as a matter of general conversation. I have always wanted Mom to tell us more about her life as a girl and finally she did with out much prompting. On to the story.

When Mom was growing up on the family farm or ranch they had a very unfriendly rooster. Not much of a story you may think but it gets better. This particular rooster was a very unfriendly rooster. He loved to chase the Dean girls all over the the yard and peck them. This rooster went to far as to trap Donna in a ditch and in Moms words waller her real good. I suppose that means she was pecked and scratched by this crazed rooster.

Mom had chores to do one day and the rooster had a favorite place he liked to find bugs and tidbits in so she went around the barn the other direction. It was not the easiest way but as far as the rooster was concerned it was the safest. Well the not so nice crafty rooster found Mom as she was headed back to the house. He took in after her, Mom being the kind of "your gona get it bird" person stood her ground. She looked around for something to keep the bird away from her. She found a two by four of some undertermined length and used it to keep the nasty rooster from attacking her. Mom had enough of that bird and swung the board at the bird. She actually hit it knocking it dingy! She picked it up by "it's back legs, front legs, any other legs, I could get hold of" and carried it to the chopping block. As she laid the mean rooster on the block she hollared at Grandma, "Hey Mom boil some water, I got rid of the rooster!" Well sufice it to say the rooster landed itself on the dinner table that night.

I am not sure what Moms age was at the time but if Donna was pretty young than Mom must have been just a teenager. I would encourage you all when you are with her to get her to tell you more stories. If you like me are curious about her and her life as a kid or a young woman or her early married life write it down somewhere. I think we could compile a fun account of her for our kids and their kids. From my prespective I know more about Richards parents as a young married couple than I do my own. I so wish we would have had more time with Dad so we could find out about his life. I guess we need to talk more to Aunt Ellen and Uncle Larry to get some of those fun growing up stories they probably have hidden in their minds.

On that same note, write down some of the fun facts about our lives as girls, teenagers, and young married women. Our children will be very grateful when we get older and they get curious about us as youngsters. Right now they are living our lives of long or not so long ago. One day when they are in our shoes as older women and they are Grandmas they are hopefully going to want to know what you or we did as girls. Just think you can tell them about the stick houses, the leaf houses, the giant snow men we made. The times we went camping, or how Connie always pretended to go tell when we were doing things we were not suppose to. Then us finding she never said a word but got a cookie. Write about sleeping in the same room with the 4 of us and how even though the house was small it never seemed that way. When I start writing this stuff so many many memories flood back. Oh how I miss those days of care free child hood. The camping trips into the South Hills. Walking in the creek till our feet were numb and still playing in it. The logs we climbed over and under. The hills we climbed, Mom cooking breakfast on that old washing machine lid. Oh I can still taste how wonderful the fried spuds tasted. The crisp bacon, the pancakes! Oh my gosh I am making myself hungry.

Do any of you remember hunting Easter Eggs, Christmas programs at Church, Grandma and Grandpa visiting? What about going to Nevada, playing in the sagebrush by Aunt Marylou's house. Staying up watching TV in the dark, then rushing to bed when we saw Mom's car coming up the street. We had to make sure we closed the doors to the TV so she would not see the dot in the center of the screen and know we had not been in bed. How about Sox! He was so cool. He slept with me on the top bunk. Always bailed off, I was never quite sure how he did not break a leg. Anyway enough of that, it was fun and I loved every minute of it. I sometimes wish we could go back just for a little while and relive it again.

My mind is whirling and whirling! All have a great day and remember I love you all.

Friday, February 4, 2011

This one is for #1

Okay #1, I decided to get on here tonight to give you something to look at while you recover.

If I were to pick out a couple of things in my life that make getting out of bed worth while it would not be possible. Every day that I am given is reason to get up. I love life even with it's ups and downs.

One big up recently was the celebration of Connies birthday. I had planned to go but because we had an quick trip to the coast thrown into our laps decided to skip the surprise trip in January. I even went so far as to tell Connie I had planned to surprise her but changed my mind or had my mind changed for me. Less than 2 weeks before the 11th of Jan. Judy #6 sent me a message that she had talked to Lucy and if I still wanted to come her and Sam would pick me up at the airport in Portland. I still wasn't sure I could swing it when my share of what was left from Dads estate showed up. It was $241 more than I anticipated so I talked with Richard and he was ok with me going.

The plan was on. I told Judy I would come, finally got a ticket so we could actually proceed with getting there. I told Judy I would talk with Lucy and figure out a way to spring the surprise. I knew we needed help so I sent Holly a message. She was so into it she called me and the plan was on. We started just sending messages on Face Book then Lucy got us all linked together. It was Holly, Jodie, Lindsay, Kaylee, Bethany, Judy, Lucy and Me. The only one not there of course was Connie. It all was to funny to really. In the end we showed Connie the thread of messages. All she could say was "Oh my gosh".

Okay back to the story! As the plans developed I called Mom and asked her if she also wanted to help us surprise Connie and give back her birthday. My flight was due in on Friday afternoon. Where Judy and Sam would pick me up. We met Mom and Bill on the highway by I-5. We were off. Lucy had invited Connie and Jim to dinner, in the mean time we kept posting on Face Book so everyone would know where we were. They were joined by the Bales family minus Ryan. Lucy was pretending to cook more that what she had intended because the dinner was potluck and the Holt family was bringing this that and the other thing. She did not have to wait long as the whole family walked in the back door all at the same time. Connie was already excited at this time. They ate dinner, opened presents and talked the time away. We finally arrived at Lucy's. Mom and Bill walked in, Judy and Sam came in behind them and I slipped in behind them and into the bathroom. Connie was surprised by Mom and Bill and even more surprised when she heard Judy say "I could sure use a cup of coffee"! I could hear Connie laugh and say oh my gosh over and over. I was standing in the bathroom shaking with anticipation. I kept saying to myself please hurry I am going to faint if you don't. Please don't make me wait.

Okay so I finally heard Judy say I need to go pee. Lucy jumped at that hint and told Connie to show her where the bathroom is. As the approached the door I heard Connie, "Some one is in there," Lucy "no I don't think so, some one probably just left the light on and closed the door." Connie reached out and knock on the door, I jerked the door open and said "Well it's about damn time", Connie squealed oh my gosh, hugged and hugged me and kept saying oh my gosh. The really funny part was that she did not even notice the whole crowd of people follow her to the bathroom. There were so many camera flashes that went off, it was just so way cool. We celebrated for 6 days. Connie got her birthday back. We talked about Dad on the 11th but it was all happy talk. Remember when talk and just being together having fun talk.

I helped Lucy clean house, we met Connie at Subway for lunch for 2 days. Went to dinner in Newport on her birthday with her and Jim. Spent the first couple of nights with Connie then a couple with Lucy. It was not even my birthday and it was the best one I have ever particpated in.

Our last day, Wednesday, we drove to Portland in the rain. Had a very relaxing lunch at a Mongolian Grill, then found the greatest fabric store I have ever seen. So much Moda, Kaufman, Hoffman, RJR, and so much more. I bit overwhelming. I did not buy much cause I did not have a ton of room in my suitcase. Next time I will go in a car and not worry about how much I buy.

Spending time with my sisters was the best. An amazing thing happened why I was there. I had been praying for the words to say to Erin and had not yet come up with them. As I sat in church next to Connie holding little Ellie as she slept, and sang with everyone else, I was almost thunder struck by the words leave out the buts. What was that leave out the buts. Ya that is what I heard. My words to Erin had to not contain the word but. John also looked down at me in the pew as he was leading worship, kind of stalled a second then carried on. Later that morning he told me that God gave him a scripture. Isaiah 58: 8-12. Look it up it is awesome. It means alot to me and I wrote it in my journal and look at it every couple of days. Lucy told me that I needed to find myself a church family. After I got home I started looking on line for a small church in down town that I had heard of. A day or so later I get a phone call from Evenlyn Aggenbroad inviting us to join them at the Capitol City Christian Church on the coming Sunday. We of course said yes and we did. We have been there twice and have now decided to place our membership there. Richard says it is like going home. We feel loved and cared for. It is an awesome feeling and so long past due. Thank you God for sending us Stan Evelyn. God knows when to step in and answer my prayers.

Okay Carol hope you enjoy reading this post. I wrote for you. No pictures as I don't have many on this computer. None that would fit here.

To you who read this, just know you are an important part of my life and I appreciate it.
Love to all.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Monday, November 29, 2010

About darn time.

Whoa have I been away a long time! Needless to say I was indeed surprised when I logged on here and noticed that it was August when I last posted. I am not sure of the reason but suffice it to say I will try to do better and get out there once again. Carol has been pestering me to write so here I am at last.
Richard and I recently made a cross country trek to Minnesota via the highway. What a marvelous time we had in just the journey. God saw fit to bless with beautiful weather and clear roads. Going across country in a car in late October and early November is always an iffy proposition. No problems getting there or coming home.
In the getting there I guess I could describe some of the trip. We left Boise on a Friday night at around 6:30 p.m. You are probably thinking we had lost our minds leaving that late in the day but I will tell you what we did before we left was even crazier.
We painted our house, yes you read that right we painted our house. Our original plan was to leave on Wednesday but we were not ready to go. Wait a second let me put that another way. Richard was not ready to go, he was determined to get our house painted. We had put it off for 2 years and then spring was so wet and cold that we could not do it then so it had to get done. He borrowed an airless sprayer from our friend Stan and after weeks of scrapping and priming we were ready. Richard did the body of the house and I tackled the trim, just on the front and back however because we needed to put the rain gutter back up before we left. Okay so the painting is done we are cleaned up and finally packed and out the door on Friday night. I know I already said that but it was worth repeating. Oh well I thought it was funny.
So we got us a hotel room in Pocatello then went and got something to eat. I was so tired and worn out and excited we should have kept driving because I could not sleep. It was almost midnight and driving on unfamiliar roads is not something that makes for much fun. Besides we would have missed some really beautiful country. Up early Saturday morn and on the road again. The country around Jackson Hole Wyoming is so beautiful. It is so amazing that on one side of the state can be so dry looking and the other full of rugged mountains and lots of trees. The town of Jackson is centered by a small park that sits on a diamond shape in the middle of town. At each point there is an arch of antlers. The day we went through they were giving away pumpkins in that park. We were going to get a bite to eat in Jackson but there were so many people it was impossible to find any place that was not full. We journeyed on to a small settlement of Dubois, Wyoming. We found a very quint restaurant where we had an awesome meal. I am glad we had to move on or we would have missed it. I suppose things happen for a reason. We were headed north through the Teton Mountains. I could not tell at that time how beautiful they were as they were covered with clouds. I did take some pictures that I will attempt to post on here so you can see them. We were at this one location and saw all kinds of people stopped on the highway and some even walking out through tall brush and trees. There was a moose not very far off the road and these people were trying to get closer. Take it from someone who had a close encounter with a buffalo while driving thru Yellowstone Park. That is another story but it is safe to say it was not a smart move on their part. They are so darn big, moose that is, I would not chance it.
We moved on, the drive was uneventful and full of lots of talk and reflection on my part. I did a good deal of driving but allowed Richard to have a turn or two. We made it to Rapid City, South Dakota on Saturday night. We found a hotel, walked to a burger joint went back to the hotel, eat, bathed and crashed. Finally slept that night. Off again the next morning after breakfast and decided we were to anxious to enjoy Mt. Rushmore so went straight through to Minnesota. About the time we got to Souix City, South Dakota I got a phone call from Christian. He wanted to know where we were. I told him, and also that I would let him know where we were along the way. Just after Souix City you cross the Missouri River and were in Minn. I took a picture of a road sign and texted it to him. As the miles rolled by which is only about 230 I kept taking pictures of town signs so they could follow us across the state. When we got to a town called Albert Lea Christian was going to go outside to wait for us. We were still more than 50 miles away. I convinced him to wait till we got closer. The next town Rochester again he wanted to go outside and wait. Still we are 20 miles away. So I told him when we got to St. Charles I would send him another text and then he could go out and wait. On the Main street leading to St. Charles there is a water tower painted with the towns name. I had Richard pull over, I took my picture then sent it in a text to Christian. I thought he was going to jump through the phone. He started hollering and yelling yippee. Okay now he can go wait. St. Charles is like driving into any small town USA no stop lights to speak of and very small so easy to get through. When we rounded the corner to the street that leads to their house we could see both Samuel and Christian waiting out front. Richard being the onery person that he is drove right past them. Now you have to understand they live on a culdesac and Sam was convinced that Grandpa had forgotten. No he went to the end turned around and parked in the drive way. The boys were so full of hugs and so much help it was nice to missed so. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute we were there. For right now my wrist and hand are beginning to hurt from typing so I will finish my tale later. Just remember to come back so you can read about our adventure to a small town called Lansboro. It really is not to be missed. In the mean time enjoy the couple of pictures I put on here from our trip. I also have some of when Connie and Lucy came over to celebrate Lucy's birthday. Your not going to want to miss them.