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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Good Old Days!

Growing up in the various locations that I had the opportunity to live in, all in Idaho how ever, some of my very early memories are like the one I described before on a farm in Southern Idaho between Twin Falls and Hollister. Mind you Hollister is not more that a spot in the road but it had a grade school that I remember had the coolest fire escape. It was a big metal tube like you see at water parks today. Fortunately while going to school there an opportunity to try it out never came around. Whew! Anyway the reason I mention Hollister in the first place was to tell you about the snake. See we were surrounded by fields of various types like wheat, hay, sugar beets, and the like. In those fields mice like to live and eat what was planted because of the mice we had snakes. Mostly friendly some not but that is not what this is about. The snake we had hanging around the house was a big ol Bull Snake. Every so often this snake who to a little girls eyes was the biggest snake she had ever seen made its way back to the house from the grain silo where my Dad wanted it to be. Usually when we caught sight of the snake it was not next to the house. Well anyway one day while playing hide and seek with Carol and Teri, Connie was a baby and Lucy wasn't born yet, a chanced to hide under our oil barrel. Imagine my surprise when I looked down by my little feet, yes I said little, and saw this big ol snake. Well I nearly wet my pants and could hardly make into the house to tell Dad. When I finally got in the house and wildly ranted about the really huge snake under the oil barrel he calmly gets up from his chair and walks outside to find this snake. Armed with only a rake, I wanted to be a shovel, he gingerly pulled the very large snake out of his nice cool resting place grabbed it by the tail and drug the thing back to the grain silo. He explained to us as we tagged along after him fascinated by this snake that he held by the tail above his head, that we didn't kill Bull snakes because they eat the mice that get in the grain silos. Granted Dad was never a very tall man but with his arm high over his head that snake drug about two feet on the ground. So he was about six feet long. He must have drug that snake back dozens of times but he never killed it.
Growing up on a farm is a great experience. I had a lot of fun in my younger years out there. I will have to tell you about the poly wogs we caught! I'll save that for another time.
See you later and have a great night!!

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