Treking in the woods.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Birthdays! Not Me!!

I guess I should be happy to be another year older because the alternative is not one a choose to think of. Well yesterday I turned 57. How about I say I don't want to be 57 but rather 27. I felt good then. Had little kids, lots of energy, no fillings, all my hair, and had only been married 10 years. Whew to much to be thinking about today. I had a good day all in all. Family and friends all wished me well and I got presents. In all my 57 years I only remember one birthday party and it was just seven years ago. My girls, Erin and Christy threw me a party for my 5oth. We had a lot of fun. I could even laugh about getting older. I sure wish I looked as young as Erin does. Oh well to much life ahead to regret and look back.
To all who wished me a Happy Birthday thank you it was great.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


You'll notice in one picture someone forgot to move the ladder!
I was only kidding!!!! Really I was! Know look what I have in my front yard, or should I say don't have a big ol pine tree. We were in the process of replacing a slab of concrete that we had to remove when we did some electrical work. When the guys came out to prep the ground for the work I was kidding them about the tree that was always in the way. When ever we wanted to park our boat at the side of the house it was a real trick not to scrape the boat on the branches or hit the duel fenders on the trunk. I told them to take it out. Wellllll they did not take it out. The next day I made a trip to the grocery store and when I came home laying across the driveway was the tree. Richard and our neighbor were taking limbs off it when I left and Richard decided to pull it over with his truck just for good measure. It so much better and the small that we were replacing grew to included a new drive way. It will look so much better than the cracked and broken one it replaces. We did tell our kids that it, the new driveway, was part of their inheritance. Both of them said it is just what they always wanted. LOL!!!!
I have been following my little sister Lucy blog since we got back from Nebraska. She inspired me to do the same and I find it so much fun. Lucy writes so beautifully and from the heart. What she said in there about me made me very proud. Connie and Lucy have always been very much apart of my life when they were growing up. I was left in charge so much of the time as Dad was driving truck four days of the week and Mom was busy working most evenings. I cooked and got us all to bed when we were supposed to. Well for the most part anyway. Our tv was in a cabinet that had doors. We would watch it in the dark then shut it off real quick when we saw Mom pull in the drive way. It is the house in Lucy's pictures. We would shut the doors so the bright dot in the middle of the tv set couldn't be seen. Sneaky weren't we. It usually got only about 30 to 45 more minutes of tv time. We had so much fun growing up together. I was heart broken when Mom moved away. I spent a good many months being mad at her for taking Connie and Lucy away from me. I was married at the time but it was still a very lonely time for me. Richard and I eventually bought that house and fixed it up when we moved to Boise. I missed never living in it when it was so cute. Next I will tell you about some of our Christmases. Keep tuned we'll see how far it takes us.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sleeping outside!!!

Aunt Mary Lou and her girls had come to Twin Falls to visit Mom, they may have been there for a more specfic reason but we were never in on that part. Anyway one evening Mom, Mary Lou, and I think Aunt Pat decided to go out to a place called the Military Inn. They were going to go have a drink, not that any of them drank very much, it was just a good way to get away from all of us kids and have just adult talk. Well back to the story. This particular evening in the heat of summer us kids decided to sleep outside. We hauled the sleeping bags out in the back yard opened them up and each of us grabbed a blanket and a pillow. I was dating a boy named Ron Taylor at the time and him and some of his friends decided to pay us a visit. So 3 or 4 boys snuck down the drive way of the neighbors house and hopped over the fence for a visit. Just about the time they got settled down on the bags at our feet we saw head lights heading up the drive way. Thank goodness the house hid the back yard so the guys made a dash for the fence, they made a dive for the ditch that ran just the other side of our fence, well they were in for a surprise because the neighbor had used that ditch earlier that day to flood irragate his fruit orchard. The ditch was still very wet and muddy. When the car finally stopped and they got out all three of the ladies walked over to check on us. We all must have pretended sleep very well because they never said anything to us. until the adults could get pulled around back then into the house. A couple of the guys hopped back over the fence after a bit to tell us they were going home because they were mostly wet and muddy. I guess the moral of this story is it does not pay to sneak around. I was pretty funny for a few days afterward.