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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thinking out loud!

I use this place to think out loud, and mostly to laugh at myself. I can do that quite often and believe it or not it makes me feel better. Looking back at some of the pictures I took, which are very few, while we were on our trip to Nebraska I found the one of the Holly Hock Doll. When I was growing up holly hocks were all over the place growing wild. Now you only see them if someone has planted them. We had such fun with them. You see those were the days you had to use your imaginations to play. We had few toys but we never felt that we were missing anthing. Of course we as little girls all had a doll but taking this beautiful flower and a bud, pealing back the layers just right you had a head and if you left enough stem on the flower, had a way to push the head that had a natural hole onto the stem making a hollyhock doll. A big variety of colors gave us many wonderful dresses. A bud that had not yet opened but showed color gave us the mermaid style dress. A bud that was about to burst open gave us a head with a hat. We spent hours picking and putting those things together. I am going to assume our mother taught us how to do those. Though I do not remember it. Our Mother was sometimes not the easiest person to be around but she loved us, we ate well, had clean clothes, and we were clean. Sunday dinner was the most fun of all meals. I loved Moms fried chicken, mashed spuds, gravy, veggie and ice cream for desert. We would stop at the grocery store on our way home from church and get the ice cream. It was alway neopolitan, you know the three flavors, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. I think the only one of us in the family that liked strawberry was Dad. I still to this day do not like strawberry ice cream.
Speaking of Mom so many little stories come to mind about her but one I really like is the day she told me about the birds and the bees. Sex in other words. I was not feeling very good so I was home from school. Mom wanted to go to a lane not far from where we lived to pick pie cherries I of course had to go with her. Mom and I climbed up in the tree with a bucket and sat and picked cherries. It had not been to long before that the 4th grade girls, me included, watched a film at school about our monthly cycle. Mom began asking me questions about that film and thus the birds and bees conversation that every parent dreads. I must say Mom handled it with great care. I never felt embarassed about all that we talked about. It may have to do in large part that we were stuck in a cherry tree or just that I discovered she really understood about being a girl. I think kids see us as only adults and that never before had we been children. I still have a hard time imaging my Mom as a young girl. Will have to ask her to tell me about it sometime.

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  1. I loved those days, carefree and easy! Hot summer days with koolaid popsicles, a flooded front yard and being ordered to stay away from the coolie! I too HATE strawberry ice cream and mom continued that tradition long after we moved here to Oregon and into my teen years. She made the BEST fried chicken in the world. Remember that old fashioned chocolate chip ice cream we used to eat? With the little flakes of chocolate in it? yum!