Treking in the woods.

Monday, November 29, 2010

About darn time.

Whoa have I been away a long time! Needless to say I was indeed surprised when I logged on here and noticed that it was August when I last posted. I am not sure of the reason but suffice it to say I will try to do better and get out there once again. Carol has been pestering me to write so here I am at last.
Richard and I recently made a cross country trek to Minnesota via the highway. What a marvelous time we had in just the journey. God saw fit to bless with beautiful weather and clear roads. Going across country in a car in late October and early November is always an iffy proposition. No problems getting there or coming home.
In the getting there I guess I could describe some of the trip. We left Boise on a Friday night at around 6:30 p.m. You are probably thinking we had lost our minds leaving that late in the day but I will tell you what we did before we left was even crazier.
We painted our house, yes you read that right we painted our house. Our original plan was to leave on Wednesday but we were not ready to go. Wait a second let me put that another way. Richard was not ready to go, he was determined to get our house painted. We had put it off for 2 years and then spring was so wet and cold that we could not do it then so it had to get done. He borrowed an airless sprayer from our friend Stan and after weeks of scrapping and priming we were ready. Richard did the body of the house and I tackled the trim, just on the front and back however because we needed to put the rain gutter back up before we left. Okay so the painting is done we are cleaned up and finally packed and out the door on Friday night. I know I already said that but it was worth repeating. Oh well I thought it was funny.
So we got us a hotel room in Pocatello then went and got something to eat. I was so tired and worn out and excited we should have kept driving because I could not sleep. It was almost midnight and driving on unfamiliar roads is not something that makes for much fun. Besides we would have missed some really beautiful country. Up early Saturday morn and on the road again. The country around Jackson Hole Wyoming is so beautiful. It is so amazing that on one side of the state can be so dry looking and the other full of rugged mountains and lots of trees. The town of Jackson is centered by a small park that sits on a diamond shape in the middle of town. At each point there is an arch of antlers. The day we went through they were giving away pumpkins in that park. We were going to get a bite to eat in Jackson but there were so many people it was impossible to find any place that was not full. We journeyed on to a small settlement of Dubois, Wyoming. We found a very quint restaurant where we had an awesome meal. I am glad we had to move on or we would have missed it. I suppose things happen for a reason. We were headed north through the Teton Mountains. I could not tell at that time how beautiful they were as they were covered with clouds. I did take some pictures that I will attempt to post on here so you can see them. We were at this one location and saw all kinds of people stopped on the highway and some even walking out through tall brush and trees. There was a moose not very far off the road and these people were trying to get closer. Take it from someone who had a close encounter with a buffalo while driving thru Yellowstone Park. That is another story but it is safe to say it was not a smart move on their part. They are so darn big, moose that is, I would not chance it.
We moved on, the drive was uneventful and full of lots of talk and reflection on my part. I did a good deal of driving but allowed Richard to have a turn or two. We made it to Rapid City, South Dakota on Saturday night. We found a hotel, walked to a burger joint went back to the hotel, eat, bathed and crashed. Finally slept that night. Off again the next morning after breakfast and decided we were to anxious to enjoy Mt. Rushmore so went straight through to Minnesota. About the time we got to Souix City, South Dakota I got a phone call from Christian. He wanted to know where we were. I told him, and also that I would let him know where we were along the way. Just after Souix City you cross the Missouri River and were in Minn. I took a picture of a road sign and texted it to him. As the miles rolled by which is only about 230 I kept taking pictures of town signs so they could follow us across the state. When we got to a town called Albert Lea Christian was going to go outside to wait for us. We were still more than 50 miles away. I convinced him to wait till we got closer. The next town Rochester again he wanted to go outside and wait. Still we are 20 miles away. So I told him when we got to St. Charles I would send him another text and then he could go out and wait. On the Main street leading to St. Charles there is a water tower painted with the towns name. I had Richard pull over, I took my picture then sent it in a text to Christian. I thought he was going to jump through the phone. He started hollering and yelling yippee. Okay now he can go wait. St. Charles is like driving into any small town USA no stop lights to speak of and very small so easy to get through. When we rounded the corner to the street that leads to their house we could see both Samuel and Christian waiting out front. Richard being the onery person that he is drove right past them. Now you have to understand they live on a culdesac and Sam was convinced that Grandpa had forgotten. No he went to the end turned around and parked in the drive way. The boys were so full of hugs and so much help it was nice to missed so. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute we were there. For right now my wrist and hand are beginning to hurt from typing so I will finish my tale later. Just remember to come back so you can read about our adventure to a small town called Lansboro. It really is not to be missed. In the mean time enjoy the couple of pictures I put on here from our trip. I also have some of when Connie and Lucy came over to celebrate Lucy's birthday. Your not going to want to miss them.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Small changes!

I have decided that the small changes in my life are the best changes. Today Richard and I drove to our favorite fruit and vegtable stand in New Plymoth and on our way home were visiting about typical things in life. Nothing that was of any great consequence but it opened my eyes to a change in my way of thinking. When we are young we save and plan for our futures, we have a certain goal or wants that we strive to achieve while working and making a living. It suddenly dawned on me that Richard and I are living our future. Wow! this is our future, I love it. I think Richard is a bit unsteady with it but he is trying to get used to it. His biggest change is that he does not have to have breakfast early anymore. I am not sure that is a good thing as we are always suppose to eat breakfast. His falls somewhere between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. You just never know with him. He has a favorite saying about retirement that he has 6 Saturdays, 1 Sunday and an occassional holiday. I think it is as simple as me having a whole lot more husband and a whole lot less time for me. I miss the time I had on my own so am at the point where I cherish it even more.

If you think back over time at the changes we have experienced and the torment we put ourselves through during those changes it really seems silly. From boyfriends, girlfriends, having to move, job changes and so many more changes we always have let those changes dictate the movements of our lives. At this point in my life no change is devastating that it knocks me down. The loss of my Dad was very sad, I felt cheated, and I feel a very strong desire to spend every waking moment with my sisters. I allowed a misunderstanding to get blown out of proportion some years ago that drove a wedge between us. When Dad got sick that wedge melted away like it was made of ice. The love and intense emotion rushed back over me like a tidal wave. Going to Nebraska together was so much fun but scarey at the same time. We all knew that it was going to be the last time we saw Dad alive. Change took place and it was the best change we could have asked for.

In 5 weeks and 3 days Connie and Lucy will come to Idaho! We will celebrate our birthdays together for the first time in more than 40 years. To be totally honest I really do not remember ever spending a birthday with my sisters. I remember when Julia Chapman made Carol a Barbie Doll cake one year. It was so awsome that I wanted one to but did not dare ask for it. Well back to the present birthday, we are going shopping for birthday dresses. I have a couple of plans for Lucy and I can not wait. It will be so very much fun. I am so looking forward to going to quilt stores, making dinner, talking, walking, and on and on.

I do have a funny Richard conversation to write about. One evening we were laying in bed on the boat and Richard was giggling about the fact that he had been farting like a duck for on hour or so. I was giving him such a hard time about his methane gas production he decided he needed to design a "fart "car. A fart car I laughed, how many miles would it get to the toot? Of course that depends stictly on the type of food eaten to produce the methane. He decided the best for him would be salad as that not only produces an abundance of gas but it is very odiferous to boot. Then he decided it could be shaped like a brown turd. Well, Challis informed him the next day when we were laughing about this yet again that he had just reduced his shopper pool by more than half. Not only would few like the shape and color but a good rain storm would wash it away. We got the best laugh out of this conversation of pure nonsense. I love that about my husband. He comes up with some of the funniest things. I am so very glad I have him in my life. God was truly watching out for me when Richard came alone for me to love. I am truly blessed and very happy in my life.

Well It is time to get off here and go to bed. Good night all. Write a comment so I know you were here. Thanks.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A title ahhhhh nothing comes to mind!

Okay we will skip the title for now and see if something pops into my head as I write. For as much as I wrote in the past I have been very lax about writing with any kind of consistency. I can not say for sure if I will now but right this minute I will put this down on paper so to speak. I am not sure if I what I write is read by anyone but me!
Richard is sitting here in his chair asleep! I don't really mind as it gives me a chance to spend a small bit of time alone. Not physically alone but alone enough to be able to just think about what I want and not have to carry on a conversation or pay close attention to what is being said. Besides it is 12:30 in the morning and I really should go to bed but I have to much stuff in my head to try to sleep until I get some of it down! I am a lucky woman to have a man like him. He takes good care of me, he makes me laugh, he loves me beyond measure, and I love him more than life itself. I was talking with a dear friend of mine today and she was telling me that her and her boyfriend I recently been attending a small church in the town the live in Ohio. When he first started after such a long absence every prayer, every hymn, every kind word brought a flood of tears to the mans eyes. Richard did the same thing. Sitting in church with him was always hard to me as he always had tears in his eyes. He has a gentle soul and has always been a believer. I consider my self one of the luckiest women in the world.
In October Connie and Lucy will come to visit. I am so very excited that they will be here for Lucy's 49th birthday. We plan to go shopping for dresses. I have not bought a dress in more than 10 years. Wow this should be fun. What type of dress do you think I should get? I will trust the judgement of my two little sisters. They will not lead me astray!
I have this most wonderful renewed relationship with Carol, Connie and Lucy. When God closes a door he always opens a window somewhere. Well our window is a long dormant relationship and it is so lovely to have the window flung open wide to let the breeze of love and healing blow through. I wish we lived closer together but will satisfy myself with our once a year sister get together and with as many trips as we can manage otherwise. for Carol it will be hard but she is determined as we are to make the annual trek to be together. We already have a location for 2011, Sisters, Oregon. Teri says she is saving money to get there. Well time will tell if that is fact. I will do some checking to see what we can do in the area. There is shopping in Bend and Sisters as well as different places to sight see. Another thing to be excited about in my life. We should have fun cooking together, playing games, visiting and just hanging out.
Recently Erin, Isabelle and Lainey moved in with us. With her came Teia, Gracie and Daisy, 2 dogs and a cat. So far so good the cat has a bad attitude about my cat and Gracie is always chasing my cat. Poor TC, my cat, hardly ever leaves my bedroom. She is such a scaredy cat. It has been easy so far, Erin does not spend a lot of time here. Only when she has to work early in the mornings. Tommy has taken advantage only once, I sure hope it does not happen again. I do not like being mad at him for a stupid move. I really do not think Erin will be content to stay in the camper for very long. I think when she has to walk across the snow covered lawn it will get to be to much and she will move in with Challis once and for all. I suppose the only way to know for sure is to wait and see.
Well the night grows long and I am finally tired. I guess I should wake Richard up and go to bed. Live is good, God is great, and I am a lucky wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, aunt, great aunt, sister and friend. I love my life and everything about it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It is about time!

Well, it has been a very long, long, long time since I have felt like a could write anything down on here. I don't even know that I could begin to explain it to anyone or to myself why but I will get back to writing and hopefully getting my emotions back on an even keel.
It has been a long stressful year in more ways than I even like to admit to myself. From last July when Dad first got sick and we all went to the hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska. Then the hearing of my intended move of my very, very dear friend, Chris. Then I had a scary ambulance ride to the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack. Turned out to be a problem with my stomach, gastro parisis, took me a bunch of tests and bucks later to find out what it was. I have been feeling somewhat better there if I do not go over board on things that I eat. Chris went and moved away on me. All the way to Ohio, at least she could have chosen a place closer to home. To be truthful about it I am missing her terribly but I am very happy for her and Gene. She is happy and that is all that counts.
Winter was long and cold. We spent about 2 and half weeks in Minnesota with the kids and had a real nice time. Went and cut a tree, watched Sam put on the lights, many many lights. It was an awesome tree. Christy and I made cookies, candy and food lots of food. We had a ton of fun and miss them terribly.
Let me see what else went bad. Erin and I relastionship went south for a long while. We have not yet gotten it back on track. I have resigned myself to something different. I will take what I can get and not be spiteful of what I can not have. I will not ask anything of her. I am very careful to take what she is willing to give me and be happy with it. I think it makes Erin happy but it is difficult for me. Enough said about that.
I did get to go to a school in Joliet, Ill. Jason and Sam came and picked me up there and I got to spend 2 nights with them. Jason and I drove down to Dads place in Palmer, Nebraska then spent 4 days cleaning out most of the stuff we wanted from there. What a hard thing that was to do. Going through someones life piece by piece. Trying to decided what was good and what was not worth keeping. I still do not know if we kept what we should have and got rid of what we should have. Putting some ones life into a bunch of boxes. I have promised myself I would not put my kids through that very thing.
Jason spent a couple of weeks here with us. He worked on our transmission, and got our truck running like a dream. He is a very good mechanic and takes a lot of pride in what he has accomplished. I miss him so much, he thought it would be easy leaving Idaho and moving so far away. He did not think he needed his parents in close contact with his life. I miss my boys too. I get scared that the older they get the less time they will want to spend with us. Sam is pretty close to his Grandpa and that is good. He calls here at least once a week. He cracks me up with some of the things he says and what he makes reference to. He has a great sense of humor and is a funny guy.
In April we four of us were able to meet and go to our home town, Twin Falls, Idaho. Carol, Teri, Connie and myself spent a week walking through the past. It was so much fun to go to the places we remembered as kids. From the South Hills, to the past home of Claude and Ella Bryant. They are cousins of Moms and were a big part of our childhood lives. We drove out to where Loren and Louise Partin lived in the couple of different locations, drove right up to the Ward place where we lived and where Connie was a baby. We hunted aspergras and made it for dinner the same night. It was fantastic, it tasted so very good and it was so much fine walking along the ditch banks finding the tender shoots that made dinner an absolute delight. We went to quilt shops, had Doris our cousin from Elko meet us for lunch then went to Teri's to visit for awhile. Doris is in such pain over the death of her mother. Especially sence it was at the hands of her sister, Teresa. Lucy was unfortunately unable to join us and I for one sure did miss her being there. It was not quite the same and I hope it is the last time that will happen. We are already planning our next trip. I hope we will all be able to be together in Sister, Oregon next year. Then maybe the next year we can all go to Minnesota. I am not sure Teri will be able to go as she is always so short of funds. But that is not my problem and I will not make it mine as I have done so in the past.
Well I have rambled on and on for long enough for now and need to get this posted. I am feeling better about all this. I pray every day for all Lord Jesus has given me. From my life with Richard, my parents, my sisters and extended family. My home and all that goes with my life I would not have any part of it any other way. Every morning and every night I thank God for what I have.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time such fleeting thing.

Yes I think time is a very fleeting thing. Time has a way of getting away from us in the form that suddenly we feel so old when those we know do something awesome. Or suddenly you find yourself facing a mile stone in your life and wonder where the other times went to. In a very short period time my wonderful husband and I will celebrate 40 years of wedded bliss. Now wait just a minute did say bliss? Yes I said and somewhat meant bliss. As we all know there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. I would not trade the last 40 years with Richard for all the tea in China let alone any other country. I would trade the health problems we have both had, I would trade some of the terrible arguments that we used to have and the things we said to each other that hurt. The arguments played a part however in making us into the couple that we now are. We rarely say a harsh word to each other and I can honestly say he is my best friend. I enjoy just sitting around the family room in silence as I watch him sleep. Ever so grateful that his life was not cut short on several occassions. We enjoy traveling where the mood takes us. He lets me go alone sometimes and misses me like crazy when I do. I have alway let him go with my blessing and a hurry home. It was harder for Richard to be home alone and left to do the simple things on his own. He is finally no longer afraid of the washing machine and the dryer. He will if he has to wash his own clothes. Cooking on the other hand is still pot pies and tv dinners or if he is lucky an invitation to Erin's for a home cooked meal. That is okay I am glad he likes my cooking enough to really miss it.
Okay so much for that kind of time. Now for another kind and that is our children and grandchildren getting older. Time sure flies when we are having fun. Sam is a 14 year old who at the rate that he is growing is going to be taller than his Dad who is at least 6'5". He wears the same size shoe as his Grandpa, but he is much skinnier and very blond. I wish he lived in Idaho so I could watch him grow up. We recently gave him an old 1954 Ford Pickup. It is in need of lots of work but him and his Dad will have fun working on it together. It was always suppose to be a Father Son project just not that father son combo. Christian is not getting tall like his brother but he is growing just the same. I would think that by the end of the year he will be as tall if not taller than this Grandma. Isabelle will be a 5th grader the next school term. Just this week she had the opportunity to do a 15 minute teaching session in her class room. She chose orgami, the very old art of folded paper. She was able to get one of the very oldest figures down enough to teach her class and that was the crane. As long as she used the largest piece of paper she had no problem. I will have to show her some more figures, maybe we can teach each other. Then last but certainly not least Lainey, our 6 year old twenty ager. Lainey is a lot like her mom in that way. I suppose ones life does have a way of coming back full circle. Lainey is not easily rattled has a mind that works to way to fast for her own good and will be the first female president of the United States. Well one can hope can't she? HaHaHa! They are all so very different in their own way and all loving.
As far as their parents are Jason have moved away, gone on their own trails. Jason has worked for others, for himself, for others again and himself again. He has such a head for his own business that he makes what ever he puts his hand to work to his advantage. His wife Christy is still busy with work at the Mayo Clinic and has gotten her BA and now on to her Masters. Of course she keeps with the boys and all of the things they do.
Erin is busy working in the ICU at St. Lukes downtown Boise, she has a new boyfriend that is an absolute dream of course that is my opionion. Challis has a great calming effect on her and the girls. She seems content and very happy. He was raised in a Christian home with the values and demenor that goes with that raising. He does not yell and realizes that they have a father but can be a good mentor to them. He has a dog and a cat that goes very well with her 2 dogs and her cat. She is moving back in with her Dad and I but only for a few short months. She needs to save some money to make a down payment on a house. I guess as parents we do we have to do to make our kids lives easier than ours were.
Time is only as good as we make it. I have learned over time to cherish each day for what it is and what it has to offer. It may not be a wow type of day but as long as when I open my eyes and I see my bedroom, if I can feel the floor beneath my feet, I can smell fresh coffee and I can walk down the hallway. I am truly blessed by my savior to still be on this earth and among the living. God Bless you all and have a great evening.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where does time go!

You ever have one of those days when you just wonder where in the heck did the time go to. Some days are worse than others for me. Some days I wonder why in the world I ever got out of bed. Well I one of those days last week.
I was sitting in my chair messing around on line, just browsing really, nothing of any real importance, killing time. I was to pick up the girls at 3:45 p.m. from school. About 15 minutes after the hour I left home for the school. It usually takes me at least 30 minutes in heavy traffic to get there but that day it only took me 20 minutes. I pulled around behind the school and there were no other cars, there were kids playing on the play ground. Well what the heck what was going on? I looked down at the clock in the car and darn it anyway it was only 2:35 not 3:35. What was I doing there an hour early? I can't believe I left home long before I needed to. Wow time does fly just in reverse in this case. Okay so I can either park there for an hour and catch a wee bit of a nap or I can go over to Erin's and wait. I opted to go to Erin's house and watch a little television. The hour went by faster than I would have liked but at least there was no one there to witness my flub up.
Oh well, this to shall pass.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back at it!

I have not been able to find the time or the energy to sit down and blog for a little while and now find myself drawn to write one more time about the trip we took to our home town of Twin Falls. I think the most touching spot we visited was the Shoshone Basin in the South Hills. When we stopped at a particular spot it felt so much like we had been there. That it was our spot. One full of more than one trip of memories. We camped for many years in our young lives. Some times in the South Hills, some times along the Richfield Canal, or on the shores of Magic Resv. We even followed the Lewis and Clark trail by car one year. Each trip holds one or two special memories for me. When we went to Montana along the L & C Trail Dad ran over our 1 gallon green and white thermos. I thought maybe I had imagined that particular memory but Connie also remembered that thermos incident. I am not sure how it happened but just knowing that it did assures me that I have not forgot as much as I feared. One fishing trip along the Richfield was particularlly memoriable for Connie. Mom had a fishing pole made for Dad one year and it was his pride and joy. Needless to say when Connie accidently shut the tip of it in the roll up window of our Chevy Station wagon and broke it off she was very upset and afraid that Dad would be really really mad. He hugged her as she cried and told her it was okay it could be fixed. Dad was such a gentle person somethimes I think to much so for his own good. My favorite memory of camping on Magic Resv. was one of my first real fishing tries. Dad let me us his pole and I got to cast out and reel in. I remember sitting on the bank between his bent knees talking the whole time. When the pole jerked I almost threw the pole in the water but Dad patiently told me to grab tight and start to reel it in slowly. Finally the fish got to the bank and Dad had me, yes me, all of 6 years old take that cold slimy fish off the hook. He told me if I was going to catch them I had to remove them from the hook. I managed to grab that slippery thing in one hand and get the hook out of it's mouth. Dad even showed me how to whack the fishes head againest a rock so it would not suffer a slow death. One of my favorite times in the South Hills is at the spot I am almost certain was our spot. Dad spent the good part of one morning cutting a bunch of willow sticks outfitting them with a length of fishing line, a hook, a sinker and bait for not just one kid but at least 3 of us. We always camped fairly close to the creek so we could use the water out of it to wash up, do dishes and use for cooking. Dad would turn us loose and he would take off for some fishing time on his own. Our fishing adventures never lasted very long as we bored with just sitting there. So we would start changing the course of the river by moving rocks and building small dams. We kept those willow sticks for in the evening we got to roast marshmellows. Now that was a real treat. We had a Boston Terrier and he went every where we went. That crazy dog named Sox followed us as we played in the river. He stayed with us until he had enough of being wet and cold he took off for camp. Mom found him hunkerd down in our suitcase full of dry clothes. Mom pateintly took all the clothes that were wet out and hung them up to dry. We had tons of freedom in those hills south of Twin. We hiked up to the tree line, carved our names in the trunks of Quaken Aspen trees, piled rocks so we would know we had been there and played of endless hours in the river. We felt like we ate like kings. Fried potatoes, bacon, hot dogs and much much more. We slept on the ground and loved it. Don't ask me to do it this day and age. I would need a crane to get me up again. I still love camping I attribute that love to the parents who allowed us to experience the great out doors to it's fullest.
I finally got some pictures put on this other computer but am to tired tonight to mess with putting them on here. I will do it when I get a few minutes. Sweet dreams everyone.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 3 tour thru time!

This post is days after the 3 one we spent together in Twin Falls, but I have been very tired and needed some time to get my brain function back.
On the 3rd morning we were going about our time getting ready to meet the day when my cell phone rang and it was Teri. She was at the local mall and had been in touch with some old church and school friends and they were anxious to reconnect with our pasts. Well we had been planning to go to a place called Castleford and walk up to the top of Balanced Rock. It is an a very unusual place and is a magnificent demonstration of this fantastic place we all call home.
Teri informed me it was snowing. "You have got to be kidding". Snowing what else can the weather man throw at us in the week we will spend together. Okay so Balanced Rock is out. There is no way any of us are prepared to spend that much time outside in the cold. So we opted to go to the mall, meet Teri and our old friends, Anne Biggs Fuller and Amy Biggs. They were just two of the Biggs kids that we went to church with. It was very nice to sit with old friends and talk about our lives and where we are today. Connie and I also did a bit a shopping while we were there looking for some shirts and things for her to take on her trip to Hawaii. We were successful in that part of our mall trip.
After our visit we made our way to the freeway to take in the sights at a wonderful quilt store in the small town of Rupert. The amount of fabric is hard to take in on a single visit or even several visits. Connie, Carol and I were in a little bit of heaven. All that fabric much of it Moda was fun to walk through, touch, smell, and wonder. I bought the fabric for Matt and Lindsay a wedding quilt. I even went to far as to buy a kit to make Carol a quilt for her trailer. Okay, okay is you have seen my sewing room I really don't need to buy any more fabric but I wanted to so I did. I think we were there for about 2 or 3 hours and it was just not enough to see all of it. Connie wants to come back over to Idaho and do another visit to the "Gathering Place" quilt store in Rupert.
Now it was time to find Highway 30 and make our way to Burley. I drove west along the highway not positive about where I was heading. I am more than willing to admit that I am not very familiar with the Burley area. Claude and Ella Bryant lived there years ago and may still for all I know. Ella is the daughter of Mom Uncle John who is the brother of her Mom. Seeing people was not the purpose of our visit, it was a side benefit however. We found Hwy. 30 and drove till we found the corner the Bryant's lived on. Boy so much had changed on that corner. I was amazed how close to the railroad tracks the house was. I do not remember the train tracks at all. The house seems so close the road but I am sure this too is skewed by the minds of a little girls. In that trip from Rupert to Burley we got hailed on blown all over the road. We drove back to Twin Falls on Hwy 30. We stopped off at Teri's apartment to drop her off, pick up the asparagas we had picked and head toward our hotel. We decided to drive the Pole Line Road. From Blue Lakes Blvd. we turned west onto Pole Line and headed toward Filer. We turned on Washington south to what was called way back when Lover's Lane. We pulled into the now developed area and got out of the car. We marveled at the change in where the Pererine Coolie is and how much it had changed. So much so that it is hardly recognizable. The place we used to live and spend so many great hours was long gone replaced by a hotel. The tall white with red topped posts we used to sit on also long gone. From there we had to go back toward town so we could by pass the Pole Line Rd. it is undergoing a massive overhaul and the road does not exist. We drove to Filer on the four lane road we also used to live on, that house is also gone but a tree marks the spot. Kinda of like x marks the spot on a treasure map. Getting in Filer we went by the house the Louise Partin lived in, down to the main street and east to the Filer Fair Grounds. The Twin Falls County Fair and Rodeo also holds many many fond memories for all of us. We loved to go help Mom and Dad in the First Baptist Church Booth. In those days there were tons of things to do that did not cost anything and the food was plentiful and such good stuff. The front gate has not changed in all these years. Well something we recognized. I continued north to connect with Pole Line Rd from that end of it. Well how do you like that I could only go a couple of miles. It was closed from that way also. Dog gone it, might as well go back to the hotel and then go have a nice dinner because we were all really ready to go home. We went to a place called Idaho Joes. Dinner was nice, nothing to spendy but it was good and it was hot. We went back to the hotel and settled in for the night. I will save the journey home for a day later or so. I am tired and need to call it a day.
It is awfully quiet around here tonight. Carol and Cecil left and took with time Connie. I miss them and sure do wish one of more of my sisters lived very close to me. So for tonight sleep tight all and I love you all.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 2 of a Blast into the past.

Here we are close to the end of the second day of our walk through our past. I am not sure how I want to start this story. Some of the things we used to do as kids all revolve around where we lived, who we visited, how we played and what our parents did. Our first trek of the day took us to find where Loren and Louise Partin lived. I was very hopeful when we started out that I could find the place where we turned off of Hwy. 30. To my surprise I found it we made our way south to the end of the road and turned west for a couple of miles. I had the uneasy feeling I was going the wrong way so a three point turn later sent us back to the nearest corner and off in the right direction again. About 5 miles later we found the long lane the house on. The wonderful right block wall the once bordered the house on three sides is crumbling. The huge row of lilac bushes was now only one. The grounds are run down and unkempt and much much smaller. Isn't it funny how things seem to shrink as we get older. Okay so we turned around from there and made our way back to Hwy. 30. We decided the house was located about 7 miles from the highway. Now that we were back on the Hwy 30 we turned west again to Hwy 93. Several miles down the road we turned east on the road that would take us to the Ralph Ward place and where many many early memories were formed. The house is gone but the garage is still barely standing. We all have some very warm memories of that place. Mom and Dad were happy and we all said we loved it out there. One of the things I remember was going with Mom to the burn barrel. As she was starting the fire and putting the trash in I stood leaning again the light pole bumping a brown purex bottle with my heel. Well as you can guess it broke and I cut my heel requiring seven stitches. Carol remembers the strawberry patch, when Red and his partner drilled a new well in our front yard, the old wooden hay wagon we all used to play on. Connie was still really little when we lived out there so she does not remember the place at all. We did a turn around the place and headed back down the lane and on to the next location. Back on the road and straight across the highway and further west to where Loren and Louise lived for the longest period of time. Connie remembers that place much better. We used to pick asparagus out there, made ice cream, played hide and seek with the Partin boys, Nick and Mike. I met Richard out there when he lived there helping haul hay and work the farm with Loren. Mom and Dad were still happy. By this time in our lives we had moved closer to town on the 4 lane highway.
From there we headed back north on a gravel road to go by the place that Jerry and Pauline Kruse lived as well as their 3 boys, Rick, Randy and Rex. Jerry farmed and raised Berkshire Pigs. They also had a couple of big dogs, St. Bernards one that I remember was named Pal. He was a big old lolly dog that would rather lick you to death than hurt anyone. We drove past the place then made our way back east to Hwy 94 and further south to Hollister. Carol, Teri and I went to the school there. We drove up there to the school and once again I remember it was much bigger. From the school we made our way east again to our old swimming hole, Nat Soo Pah. We all have very fond memories of the beautiful teal blue pool and it's total surrounded pool. There is still a large fence covered by ivy that surround the place and now it costs to even spend the day in the park. Mom would fix a meal of fried chicken, potato salad, and some sort of goody. They would turn us loose in the pool and check occasionally on us. There were always life guards on duty so we were very safe. From there we went further south to Rogerson and off the road to the east and the South Hills to the favorite haunts of many camping trips and wading in the creek. We drove on this long dirt road hoping I could bring from memory or just sheer luck how to hopefully get to where we used to camp. After a quick game of eneey meeny miney moe we took the road to the right. It did not take me to long to decide it just felt wrong. Okay so after a 5 point turn, afraid to go to close to the edge of the road and get into something soft I got turned around and headed back the way we had come. A couple of miles down the road on the left began to feel familiar. Soon I knew we were going in the right direction. I took my car into places I probably shouldn't have. Meaning I drug in a place or two. Probably put scratches in the finish but it was all worth it. The first place was not it, it was not where we camped. Okay onward we went. I am not sure what the direction was because I have this directional challenge. I can get lost walking through an airport. LOL! We found another spot after I had passed a bunch others and with some walking around and really looking we came to the conclusion that yes this was it. This was the place we camped once or twice in our childhood. One of the last times we went as a family Richard went with us. He made us a bed on the ground by cutting pine boughs and laying our sleeping bags on top of them. We had bacon, eggs and fried potatoes for breakfast, played for hours in the creek, roasted marshmallows over the fire at night and slept under the stars on a bed of pine boughs.
We headed back to the main road and began singing just like we used to when we drove the many miles we did as kids with our parents in the car. The songs we sang were from various aspects of our up bringing. Church songs, church camp songs, songs from school and wishing all the while Lucy was with us singing laughing teasing and helping us remember the words to the song about a Billabong. It took us clear the hotel and a nap to remember it was Waltzing Matilda.
Anyway back to our adventure, we got back to the main highway and went back into Rogerson and decided to have lunch at the little cafe. The gal who runs the place was not there but it was being manned by her Mom. A little old lady that could barely see over the counter. I was first to order and wanted a chicken club sandwich and was told she had none, okay so I will have a cheese burger with home cut fries, Carol was next and ordered the Tuesday special, tacos, well she did not make tacos so she ordered the cheese burger with tots, Connie ordered the cheese burger with tots. Teri was still feeling full from her breakfast so she was content with a glass of ice water. We finished our lunch and headed back into to town. Once we got there we drove by the house on Martin street and on Filer Ave. We attempted to go by the house where Stan and Joanne Owens lived. Unfortunately we could not get close due to the road construction in the area.
We dropped Teri off at her apartment and came back to the hotel. We have all had a long day and needed a nap. We decided to stay in the room and order something we could eat in our room.
Carol read the blog that Lucy had written and cried through it. I feel the same way. We all miss Lucy being with us and wished with all our hearts that it was different. Lucy was never afforded the memories that the rest of us were. She was so young when Mom and Dad spilt and she went to live on the Alsea River. I hope that in the years that she has had with us in and out of Oregon have afforded her many happy memories of us sisters. Losing a parent was hard on all of us in many different ways. I not only lost Dad in death but in life for over 20 years when he allowed Margaret, his wife, to keep us out of his life. I spent many years extremely mad at him for doing that and at Mom for leaving him in the first place. There is always that what if that comes when no answers present themselves. I have prayed, I have railed, I have cried rivers of tears and wished upon stars. I have even doubted that God loved me enough to make the pain go away. Remarkably with time with prayer and the love of my sisters and my mom I was able to come to grips with the way I felt about Dads leaving us. I hope that one day Lucy can find the peace of mind and heart that I have. Life is good and far to short to worry over. We love Lucy with all our hearts and miss her with every breath we take. We will all do this again before a whole lot of time passes. Until tomorrow I will say good night and on to day 3.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Blast to the past!

Well, Teri, Carol, Connie and I are in Twin Falls going slowly through our years growing up here. It feels very strange to be here staying not just driving through. We miss our little Sis, Lucy, who is unable to join us due to a sudden illness. This has been of the smartest thing we have ever done. We have driven all over the valley remembering things like where we used to visit our Aunt Helen and Uncle John. Their old log home still stands. That is amazing in itself. The rock wall of the old nursing home where our Grandma Grape lived for a time and married her last husband Jim Lynch. The arch and rock wall around the whole of the property is very impressive. The home has long ago been torn down. We drove down to the Shoshone Falls which is an impressive site even though the water is not running very high. We strolled through the City Park and enjoyed the warm sun the monuments placed around the park and just being together and outside.
Tomorrow we plan to drive out to Nat Soo Pah our favorite swimming hole when we were young. We will continue to the South Hills and visit our favorite camping area. We spent many happy hours playing in the water, climbing the hills and eating wonderful food prepared outside. That seems to make it all taste better. Over the next few days we will make our way all over the town and see all the old familiar places.
Our favorite thing so far was having some time to visit with our cousin Doris Wise McCoy. Doris lives in Spring Creek and it had been a good number of years since we have had the opportunity to get reacquainted with each other. We did not spend nearly enough time together so hopefully we can make it again before the end of the week.
On to last for the day but certainly not least. We drove down a country road and spotted some growing asparagus. We got so into this special find we picked enough to make two meals with. It is hard to believe we spend almost $7 bucks a bundle for it. Connie did not remember hunting for the wonderful green veggie so it was a real treat for her.
Well it is time to put this away for the night and get some sleep. We will have a busy day tomorrow and I need some sleep. Good night all.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tickling ones funny bone!

Having Jason home is always a walk through funny bone land. He has some of the greatest stories and tells them with such relish it cracks me up.
We were talking about the various shooting that have happened around Boise over the years. This lead to our own various experiences with guns and ammo. Richard and I joined a shooting team some years ago. I was never very accurate but I did enjoy it. I think the most memorable thing that happened to me was when I shot a hole in the ceiling of the range building. Ya I know I am suppose to aim down range but I was being so careful bringing the gun slowly down that it took me a little to long and I squeezed one off into the ceiling. Richard laughed and gave me the lecture to not put my finger on the trigger until I was ready to pull it. Like I said I was never a very good shot.
Jason was telling us about the time when he and Christy were first dating and he decided to try out her Dad, Tom's, shot gun. He shot it off a couple of times but wanted to see the pattern it left. He saw an old parted out Suburban out on the side of a hill and decided to put it out of it misery. He pulled off a shot and was astounded to see no pattern so he shot again. When he went to see what was going with the ammo he discovered it was not shot that was loaded in the shot gun it was loaded with slugs. One of the shots went through the side, the frame, the wheel, and various other parts but probably the most impressive was the 1 inch hole he put through the side of an aluminium ladder her dad had stored in the back. Jason was very greatful to the fact that he was out on patrol with the Coast Gaurd when Tom got back to town. Tom kept the ladder and Jason had to use it last summer in Minnesota when he help roof the carriage house at the home of Tom.
Richard and I used to hunt when we were much younger. One of our last trips into the hills to the south of Twin Falls, Idaho I had my first experience with Richards Weatherby 270 rifle. We did not have a lot of luck early in the hunt but finally came upon a small herd. Richard got off a shot and one went down. We trappsed up the hill and started to take care of business. I got to hold binoculars, the rifle in addition to the equipment I already had with me. I did not want to stand and watch the gutting process so I made my way around the hill. Right around the small hill was the rest of the herd the one down came from. Okay I could either walk away or take a shot. I swung a rifle over my shoulder and looked through the scope. All I could see was hair so I took the shot. It was Richards rifle and I had never shot it before I was so surprised when it went off and bucked a bit more than the Remington 30 30 I was carrying. The noise surprised Richard and he came running. I gratefully did not hit anything and decided right then and there I did not want to shoot his rifle again. It is 30 years later and no I have never used it again.
When we were kids Dad used to go rabbit hunting with Loren and Louise Partin. I always wanted to be old enough to ride in the back of the old black pickup that they used to drive through the sage brush in the dark flushing out the multitude of jack rabbits that were abundant in those days. I loved the feeling of rushing through the dark in the warm air and watching the lights bounce across the sage brush coverd ground. I really don't remember the sound of the guns going off and I was never scared.
The year before Richard and I got married he asked me to go with him on a Saturday when he hunted for deer in the South Hills. We drove around much of the day with out seeing much. It was so cold and rainy I just could not get into being cold and wet. We came upon my parents and the Partin clan standing around a fire in the rain. I glanced to my right when I heard Loren hollar that he needed help. My Dad and Richard went up the hill to help him down. On the way down I noticed he had his artifical leg under his arm with the boot pointed out. Several other cars of people had to stop and look at this man with a boot encrusted leg pointing out toward them. Loren flopped that leg down across the hood of the pickup so he could fix the strap that had broken. The looks were priceless seeing a leg under an arm.
Life was fun, times were good, it moved way to fast but I would not change one thing about it. Thanks to all my sisters for who they are. To my big sis who seems to have a hard time reading what I write without getting emotional. Thank you for pulling the teeth of the big gray thing with green and orange strips and spider web design on it's back. I can always count on you!
To my littlest sis for writing things that are so much fun and can make me laugh and cry all at the same time.
To Connie the peace maker, chief cook and bottle washer. You are all my heros and I am the luckiest sister in the whole world. I have traveled many memories with all of you and I look forward to traveling even more. Thanks for the memories.

Monday, April 12, 2010

School! Who ever said you could always go to school?

I recently had the opportunity to go to a Coast Guard Auxiliary school in Joliet, Ill. It was a great class and I learned a lot about data entry into AUXDATA! I met lots of people from all over the country. I enjoyed all the conversation and hearing about other auxiliarists families and auxiliary lives. There are a lot of varied ages and personalities. I was really happy to see a very large group of younger people.
Jason and Samuel came to pick me up in Joliet, from their home in St. Charles, Minnesota. The trip thru the Chicago area was quite a trip. The traffic was what I would call thick for a Sunday and Ja was running low on gas. We finally got rid of the heavy traffic, got out of the construction and found a gas station. When we stopped for gas we all climbed out of the pickup. I went inside to use the restroom and Jason filled the gas tank. We all climbed back in and took off once again. Jason figured the gas milage and asked how much it cost. I told him "I don't know I thougt you used your card". He said "I don't have a card", "Didn't you pay for it?" We both said oh no we are a drive away. We turned around as quick as we could and went back. When I got up to the counter after a long line I told the gal what had happened and she was very grateful we were so honest. Honesty is the best policy after all. What kind of example would be set for a teenager if we just kept driving. We took we paid for it. The rest of the trip was very uneventful. It was nice to get to St. Charles.
I am now in Minnesota at my son's house and getting ready to go to Nebraska to finish up my Dads estate. I do not look forward to this chore as it makes it all to real. I pray it will all go easy and uneventful.
My husband has been mopping around about being alone. The other day he was asking me about a shrimp salad that I made last week. I told him to just throw it away but he thought he might try it out. I told him if he wanted me to find him on the floor dead when I get home to go ahead but Iwould not feel sorry for him. He is such a goof ball. He keeps texting me as he is spending so much time with just the cat and dog to talk to. Sadly to say the do not answer very well. By the time I get home I may need to peel him off the ceiling.
I am waiting anxiously for the weather to feel like it is spring time and warm enough and dry enough to dig the garden and plant some flowers. We are going to re do the front lawn. New grass, sprinkler system, new landscape. We are taking out the pine trees, the abrovita and who knows what else.
It is exciting to know that soon my front yard will look brand new and fresh and beautiful. I will have to get before and after pictures so I can post them.
Good night to all and smooth sailing to all.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring! Who said it was sprin?

I think it should be illegal to predict snow in April. If I thought it would do any good I would string up the weather man and throw snow balls at him or her!
Things are good at this house. My annual cardiac visit was good. BP was right where it should be, my EKG was as normal as they get, and if all goes well my blood test will be a okay also.
I have to relay to you the most unique way I have ever seen to have a baby tooth pulled. Richard and I stopped over at Erin's to have coffee and say Hi! It was Wednesday morning and the girls were home on spring break. I had enjoyed my first cup of coffee and much laughter and conversation when the call of nature came in loud and clear. For any of you who are grandparents you know that when Grandkids are around you can not go to the bathroom by yourself. Lainey followed me in to the bathroom and I had just sat down when Isabelle joined us and was giving Lainey a bad time about her very loose front tooth. Izzy kept telling her just let Grandma pull it. Believe I had tried a few days before but Lainey was having no part of it. She finally said okay "Grandma you can feel it but don't pull on it", I took hold of this tooth between my left thumb and index finger and applied a small amount of preassure. I felt it give a bit, Lainey did to. She grabbed my hand with both of hers so I would not pull anymore, I kept hold of it and applied slight down ward pull with just my fingers, Isabelle who was standing there incouraging her all this time took matters into her own hands. She put the heal of her hand very quickly on Laniey's forhead and pushed her head back ward. Needless to say the tooth remained stationary in my fingers and the mouth left the tooth. Not the other way round. It was the funniest thing I have ever been apart of. And yes I was still sitting on the pot waiting to get a second or two to my self to complete my task. I thought Isabelle was going split her pants with laughter. She pulled her sister tooth and never touched the tooth. I little while ago Isabelle came to me and told me Lainey had another tooth that was really loose. Needless to say Lainey avoided opening her mouth any where near me for the time she was here. Too funny!!!!!!!
I am getting ready to head to Joilet Ill for a Coast Guard Auxiliary class for three days. After I get the class done my son Jason will pick me up and take me to his house for a day or two. We will meet Carol and Cecil at Dads house on Tuesday or so. Then comes the task of getting it cleaned out and divided up. I do not relish this task for several reasons. It feels like such an invasion of Dads life, and it makes it all to real that he is really gone just not being a part of our lives. I wonder how easy it would have been if he had never come back in our lives. I am so very glad for the past 10 years that we had with him, a few regrets in that I should have been more forceful about making him move out to Idaho, I knew he was not as strong in the last 4 years after his bile duct ailment got him down. He never really got back from it. I think if we had all ganged up on him he would of had to give in and come here. I was selfish not wanting him to live with me. I was thinking he would live for a long time more when in my heart I was really sure his years were very very short. He was worried about losing his independence but not considering what we could have given him instead. I suppose filling my heart with regret is counter productive so I will go to the positive in all of this and that is the family reunited and so much closer than once was. I am looking forward to spending a week with my Sisters in our home town. Walking down memory lane, laughing, eating, loving and sharing good times.
I am a lucky woman to have sisters that are such a joy in my life, to have a Mom that is still living but getting frailer as each day passes, a husband who loves me with no question, two wonderful children both of whom I am so very proud, 4 Grandkids that bring me more joy than I deserve to have in my life,nieces and nephews and their kids, 3 quilting friends that listen to me every week about life and its ups and downs, the friends a bowl with, the dear friends I boat with. Oh man my life is full of the love of family and friends. I am truly blessed.

Monday, March 22, 2010


On Friday Matt and Lindsay stayed the night with us on their way to Oregon. We had a wonderful visit and enjoyed their company very much. In talking with them the subject of their honeymoon came up. I loved the stories they told about what they did, where they went and what they saw. It brought back memories of my own honeymoon almost 40 years ago. Just writing that number makes me shudder. Never in my wildest imagination thought I would make it to 40 years and now I am looking forward to 60 at least. Richard and I did our best to ruin a 4 day weekend back in 1970. We choose the 4th of July to do the deed. We were married on one of the hottest evenings of the summer. The First Christian Church in Buhl had no air conditioning and it was very warm. If we had used our heads we would have gotten married in the morning when it was still cool. Well anyway 8 pm was the time. The wedding came off with out a hitch and we had a good time. Our car got filled with thread from every conceivable place it could come from. Getting into it was like crawling through a maze of spider webs. We had cans and the whole nine yards. Just married decorated the hood of my parents station wagon. The words were always visable after that night. Our first night of wedded bliss took us to the big city and vacation destination spot (not) of Burley, Idaho. We stayed at a nice hotel however called the Ponderosa Inn. It was fairly new and we enjoyed the two nights we stayed there. We even had to sneak back to Buhl and Richard's parents house because Richard managed to leave his clothes bag hanging at the church when we left. He called his Mom and they took it home for him. We picked it up then headed up north. Our final destination was the home of his brother in Boise. But before we got there we did a wee bit of camping. We drove up through Shoshone then on up to Bellvue, Ketchum and Sun Valley. We made for Galenia Summit and a place to camp for the night. Some where before we hit the church camp Cathedral Pines we pulled over to take a pit stop. Not many rest areas in that part of the country way back then so a thick patch of woods would have to do. Welllll that was a mistake, not so bad for Richard but I paid the ultimate price of mesquito bites on my posterior. Oh what a miserable night we both had with my constant itching and complaining about it. I would not trade that time in my life for anything. We spent 3 more nights a various places along the North Fork of the Payette River before we went on to Al and Jacques. We spent a couple of days with Al, Jacque,and their kids Barry, Brett and Belinda they gave us their travel trailer to use as a bedroom. Keeping the 3 kids out of there in the early morning was not an easy thing to do. Belinda the youngest was not to happy with me and the fact that I had married her uncle whom she had planned to marry. She got over that eventually when she found out how much fun I could be. I have no desire to repeat our honey moon adventure but would love to go somewhere awesome. Maybe a cruise or an island that is not very popular. I crave alone time and no tv, phone or interruptions of the outside world. Richard and I enjoy each others company more than that of most anyone else. We have fun with so many other people and other places but for a honey moon type setting I want no one else to answer to. I pray our daughter will find the kind of happiness that we have been so fortunate to be blessed with. With our share of up and downs, fights and arguments, fun and memories what a life we have had. Look out world we are just getting started.
We have no plans for this year but who knows maybe in the next couple I will get my honey moon wish.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Time to laugh!

Just got done reading Lucy's latest blog. I can feel her pain with the curtain issue. I never do it alone because I know exactlly what would happen. I hate hanging curtains. I leave the same ones up for years because of my intense dislike. You see I used to work for a friend of mine that made drapries. What a job and a half. We used a pool table to lay them out on and I hated it when the panels were off even just a little. It always took more time than I liked spending on them to make it perfect. The truth be told I was not any good at math and when you do stuff like that you need to measure twice and cut once. What fun is that? I am glad quilting is not so obvious when you make a mistake. I am able to hide little mistakes and seams that are not quite as straight as they could be. Whew! Good thing for me as if it were any other way I would probably quit. Richard made a beautiful tv cabinette and to my knowledge he only cut one board the wrong size. I had to laugh at for that cause even one booboo is just not in his general make up. I only had to wait two years for it. He did something on New Years Eve that he never usually does. He made a resolution or more exactually a couple of them. One was to finish the piece of furniture and the others he is keeping himself. He figures if he says them out loud I can give him a hard time about them when they do not come about. Now I ask you would I do that? I guess the best answer would be I sure enough would.
I had an interesting experience today with my youngest grand daughter Lainey. I had to drop her off at school. I am very reluctant to let her walk from the curb to the school by herself. Okay so I got out with her and started to walk her up to the school. We got up part way and she put her hands up in front of me and told that it was okay she could make it on her own. Well, I did not need a brick wall to fall on me to see that she did not want me to take her all the way up. Just does not seem possible that she is old enough to be so independent, when did I get so old.
Issabelle is growing by leaps and bounds. Getting tall and growing prettier all the time. I wish sometimes I could make time stand still. Samuel just turned 14 and soon Christian will be 12 and Izzy will be 10. Boy o boy kids are like flowers in the spring growing fast to beat the fact that before we all know it will be winter again. They are all in a hurry to grow up to be adults. It is too bad we can not give them the insite as to how hard it is to be an adult and have so much responsiblity. Not all of it is hard, we do have tons of fun and make a mountain of memories.
Recently I have been giving my childhood a lot of thought. I think it was pretty darn good! We went camping, sang songs when we drove from place to place, ate Neopolitan ice cream on Sunday after church, had a bunch of sisters to play with. We walked in the creek in the South Hills, drove miles and miles in the wilderness with our wagon and never left the backyard, rolled snow balls so big there was no hope of lifting them up to make a snow man. We drank Mom's home made hot chocolate, ate raisen cake, popcorn balls, and home made ice cream. I never remember being hungry. We may not have had the newest styles of clothes, but they were clean and pressed. We each had a bed that was warm and dry. We all went to school and had two parents that cared about us.
Holidays at our house were a sight to behold. From the many wrappings at Christmas time to the many many dyed Easter eggs. I remember one Easter we lost an egg, found it later that summer and it was not very pretty. Dad warned us to leave it alone just in case it broke open. I am not so sure he was worried about us or about how we would smell if messed with the rotten egg.
One Christmas Mom made a sorta house that was made out of cardboard and soap flakes. It was quite to sight to behold. It was decorated with candies and all snowy white. Our dog
Sox thought it would be a great thing to eat. He blew soap bubbles for a few days and was quite a sight to see. Kind of looked like he had a long white beard. Poor thing he was awfully sick for a few days.
Times like those make times like these all worth it. I am so greatful for my life all that God has seen fit to give me.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just Wondering

It is Sunday March 7th, 2 days after my kid Jason had his 37th birthday. Well, talk about feeling older all the time. The time crawls at times then flies so fast I can not figure out how fas the time does fly when we are having fun.
Lucy, John and their family has been very much on my mind lately. Matt got married this weekend and he and Lindsey are starting a new chapter in their lives. I am so happy for the both of them and wish them many many years of wedded bliss.
The weather has been absolutely beautiful the last few days. It is very temporary as we are expecting a cold front to set in here in the next day or so. I have crocus blooming and daffies, tulips, and other spring flowers springing up all over the place. My pussy willow is full of little white buds. I love this time of year, all the old things in the ground becoming new again. I guess you can call it rebirth of a sort. It gives me a new sense of hope and a new beginning.
I have been reading FaceBook and what most of our family writes on there. It is so fun to see what everyone is doing on a regular basis. Makes them feel much closer in unity and not so far in miles.
The grand daughters were here a while ago. They ate some lunch, went roller blading and watched a movie "The Proposal". We cleaned up the kitchen and as I was putting food away. Lainey asked me if I was giving the container I was filling up to her Dad and I told her no I was saving it for PaPa's lunch. She asked me in a very serious 6 year old voice if Grandpa had a job now. He has been retired for almost 2 years and the girls are aware that he does not work. It just struck as so funny that that is how she sees things. Isabelle is busy worrying about an up coming school program where she gets to square dance. I think she worries to much about the small things in her life. It hurts to see her worry about things so hard for someone for so young. I just want her to enjoy being a kid and stop worrying about what her Mom and Dad does. She does not need to concern herself with what they do and how they act. I just keep praying she will see she can not change it with her worry.
I have a beautiful new TV cabinette sitting in my family room, thanks to my wonderful husband. He made it out of solid oak and has some really nice features. He started it about 2 years ago and lost interest in it. It sat all alone and unfinished for all that time. This January he made a New Years resolution to get it finished. Suprisingly enough it only took him about 3 weeks to finish it up. I am so glad the stuck to getting it finished. I love it and it looks so nice. Everything in it's place and a place for everything.
I have been thinking about our sister week and I am looking forward to it with much anticipation. Where we go what we do, who we see and maybe pick some asparagas. That would really be stepping back in the past. Oh it is gona be fun!
To any of you that still read this blog I hope you have a great day, be safe and love each other to the fullest.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keep on trying!

I can not tell you how many times I have written this and been almost to the end and the program locked up on me. It does not want me to put our recent photos in here. Ok so I won't for the time being. On ward and up ward.
I have had a couple of funny little incidents come up in recents days that I want to share with you. The first is something Uncle Larry said when we were in Nebraska. When Uncle Larry, Margaret, Aunt Ellen, Alfreda, and Glen were getting ready to leave we all got up to share hugs and goodbyes and see you tomorrow sort of things. Carol reached around Uncle Larry and squeezed him around the middle. He sort of gasped and said I wouldn't do that if I were you I am not wind proof anymore. He said it with such a straight face that it was so funny we nearly rolling around on the floor. He is such a crazy and wonderful guy. I sure wish it was not so far to his place. It would be lovely to be able to spend some real time with him and Margaret.
The other thing that I want to tell you about is on Richard. My beloved husband. I was standing at the kitchen sink when he walked in from the family room carrying his empty cereal bowl. He made some comment to me and I answered back. Instead of stopping and leaving his bowl in the sink he walked right on passed. He walked into the bathroom and I thought to myself well okay with that I guess. I heard the water run and when he came out he was grinning and said to me, "Do you believe what I just did" well I really was wondering but let him go on with his little story. He said he rinsed his bowl and spoon looked up and saw his reflection and said to him self what a dope. What are you doing? I laughed and laughed. It is not very often that I am able to catch him doing something really silly and when I do it is always worth it. We have such a wonderful time together, we bicker when we drive but it is all in good fun and nothing serious. I am in awe of the fact the in a few months we will be married for 40 years. Boy of boy time has a way of getting away from us.
Savor all your time and never let it get to far away.

Keep on trying!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Come and Gone!!!!!

The end has come and gone and now Dad has started his everlasting life in the company of our Lord and all his extended family. On the way to Nebraska in the company of my two younger sisters and their husbands we had a lot of time to talk and laugh about Dad, Mom, all us kids, the pets we had, the trips we took so much more. Connie made a comment that really stuck with me. She wondered who would be at heavens gate to meet Dad! First on foremost his Mom and Dad, then his brother Don, and his sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents and numerous friends. One other sticks out in my mind and that would be my beloved Emery. The nephew that spent so much time with us that he was more like a son. He was towing along his little sister Lori. Lori never met Dad but he loved her all the same.
We had some good laughs at each other while we were spending almost a week together in each others company. As much as I laughed and took mental note of all that went on I can not seem to bring any of the funny stuff to mind right at this moment. I think once past the pain of loss the funny things that we said or did will come flooding back. It was easier when we were all together but it is so hard to be home and feel so far away from everyone.
We are spending a week together in April and I am so looking forward to having a wonderful week of eating, laughing and visiting the places we have not been to in a very long time. I think we will even try making it to a church service at the First Baptist Church where we spent many happy hours as little kids.
Carol had the dubious task of settling the estate and I do not envy her one iota. We did go to his house and remove his old uniform, his fishing pole and lots of pictures. I would love to get them put on a DVD and give a copy to all my sisters. I think we will have a slide night and go thru all the slides and decide what ones to put on the disc. It should prove to be immense fun.
One of the scariest things that happen to us was the automatic door locks on the Tahoe. We ended up having the keys locked in it when we were at Uncle Larry's. When it happened we all just looked at each other in stunned silence. We were a long way from no where, and a lock smith would have cost us a bunch. Uncle Larry called the local sheriff, he came out and helped the guys get into the car. Whew! that was a close call. We were very careful after that to not leave the key in it. Our evening at Uncle Larry's was one of the best times we ever had. We had a quick dinner then just sat around. Uncle Larry got out his banjo and his guitar and we all joined in singing some old songs we all sang when we were kids. Carol was the only one missing be we did the best we could with out her. Maybe next time she will be around.
I will let this go for know. I need to get busy on something around here. Not sure what, the whole house seems to be calling my name and it doesn't not listen to me when I tell it to hush up. Until next time.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Nearing End!

I have written this particular blog several times in my head and often wondered if I would actually ever put it to the pen so to speak.
Well, I guess there is no time like the present to write about a life that is coming to an end. Carol, the oldest of us five girls, called last night. Dad is slipping away. Not hard, not fast, but
with quiet ease and I hope peace. I was thinking about the things that I remember about him and they are things like the smell of his pipe smelled when he used to smoke, the roll your owns he used sometimes, his laughter when we were young, the many different types of hats he wore over the years, the way he looked behind the wheel of a semi truck. So many, many memories of when I was young but there is a 20 + year gap in my memories. Dad was not a part of my life for a long time. My children did not know him when they were children, in fact they did not even get the opportunity to meet him until the woman he was married to died. It strikes me as very sad when a father lets a stranger dictate his life to him for so long. Dad did not call, he did not write and I am not sure he even ever really thought about us for all that time.
Dad and Mom divorced when I was only 17. That makes Carol 21, Teri 18, Connie 13, and Lucy 8. Dad stayed angry at Mom, never forgave her, never really got on with a life that we could all have been a part of. I would have loved for him to take Jason, my oldest, fishing like he took me. To take him camping the way I remember camping in the South Hills of southern Idaho. He hung around Idaho for a while he even ventured to Florida where he met Margaret. He ended up marrying her and at first I actually liked her. She made Dad happy. I do not know when all that changed. They lived in a small house in Filer. Richard and I would visit them on a regular basis. They were even at the hospital when Jason was born. She was a help to me, but then something changed in her. They had my little dog for a while when Richard and I were going through a rough patch and they lied about where she was and told me I could not have her back. When I went to get her the people who had her tried to hide her from us. It was a weird time for all. I actually had forgotten about it until just know. Margaret convinced my Dad to move back to Nebraska. I guess for awhile all was okay with them there but then Margaret got even more paranoid. From what I have been able to gather she, Margaret, tried to keep my Dads mom away from him and she lived right next door to them for some years. What is up with that? Dad has said that he is sorry that he allowed Margaret to keep him from us. He did come around more when she died in 1998 0r 99. You would think that is a year I would remember but I don't. Dad came out that summer and spent time with me here in Idaho and with the other girls as well. It is harder for Connie and Lucy because they were so young and just did not understand how he could just give up on them. Mom would have never kept them apart, never even tried to. Dad was just so very angry at Mom. He would have never left her because I believe that to this day he still loves her. I find that comforting because I know Mom still loves Dad because of the five lives they created together. Five wonderful lives that have produced 14 grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren with another one on the way and so many accomplishments that could fill up a very large book. Carol has been married to Cecil for 40 years, come July Richard and I will celebrate 40 years, Connie and Jim 30 + years, Lucy and John 25 + years. Amazing, simply amazing! Teri has not had the same fortune that we have but I feel in my heart that had her first husband Gary lived they would still be together. He passed away at age 27 but that is another story.
I write this to prepare for the soon to be lose of our father. We all knew it would not take long after he got sick in July. I hated the fact I could not deliver the one thing he asked for and that was to go home. He remains in the nursing home in St. Paul, Nebraska because he just never got strong enough to go home. I wanted so much for him to come to Idaho and live in the Veterans Home but he just could not leave his home state. I am very sad to know he is going to die without any family near him. Alone except for strangers! Not strangers in the fact that he does not know them but not loving family. Dad breaks hearts of all the nursing staff at the home. He is a very lovable guy with a quick smile and wit to match. I pray that God is merciful in the taking of Dad. I do not want him to suffer in any way. It is so bitterly cold in Nebraska right now, I guess it is fitting in a way. I will continue to pray for Dad, I will always love him and remember fondly the good times when we were a family. Thank you to all my sisters for being who you are!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Left overs anyone?

This blog is dedicated to my husband and his ever present take and laughter and life. You know when you have a big family function you seem to have a never ending supply of amazing left overs.
We had already had the typical heated up turkey, potatoes, gravy and the like and then we had hot turkey open faced sandwiches and it was time for the typical sandwich with a nice coating of mayo. I put the baggies of meat on the counter as well as the bread the mayo and a container of applesauce. Richard added a container of potatoes and carrots we had cooked with a pork roast a day or two before Christmas. I fixed my half sandwich the typical way. Bread, turkey and mayo. I left the kitchen to take my sandwich to the dining room table. Richard used a left over hamburger bun piled on the white meat lightly salted, added potatoes to his plate and added what he thought was gravy. I walked back into the kitchen just in time to see him begin to cover his plate with plastic wrap and asked him what he was doing. He kind of snapped at me "fixing my plate" and asked him why he was putting applesauce on his spuds. He looked at me with such a forlorn look and I thought Christy and I would wet ourselves laughing. He thought the applesauce looked like gravy, to his credit I will say he ate it with no complaint then slyly showed me the applesauce he had put on his sandwich grateful that he chose not to use mayo. I am not sure I could have or would have gone ahead and eaten it. I know of many people who would have thrown the whole mess out and stocked off in anger. Not my Richard he is a true gentleman or he was just really hungery but none the less he acted very honorably. I am very proud to be married to this man for nearly 40 years.
This is not about left overs but it is about the funny things that happen in the course of family life. On New Years Eve we were playing Scene It with some friends of Jason and Christy's, Ken and Karen. Samuel, my 13 year old grandson, was joining the fun. It was girls againest the boys. Sam innocently said that Bozley the dog would have to play on the girl side because he had been nuetered and was no longer considered a boy. Ken said "I guess that means I am not a guy then either", Christy said "well I guess then Jason isn't either" and I said "well neither is Grandpa"! we all looked at Samuel in disbelief and the look on face was priceless when Ken told him it would then have to be him and his little brother, Christian, were the only two real boys. We all got a huge laugh out of Sam's embaressed red face and his huge smile. It is not every day a 13 year old can stick his foot in it clear up to his eye balls in something like the status of a man. I applaud his ability to laugh at himself.
Life is good and life is funny! God has been good to me! I am very grateful.