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Monday, July 27, 2009

Finding oneself!

WOW! To see your name come up on the computer when you do a search and knowing that many other people if they know how can read what you wrote it's way too cool.
I looked up my little Sisters blog spot and well can you tell the three feet in the picture are related? I sure can never really thought about it before but there are so many tell tell signs in families that speak to a relation. When in Nebraska with Dad I had the opportunity to watch my Uncle Larry's hands. No I am not weird I just notice peoples hands. Uncle Larry's and my Dads hands are very similar. Not so much in size cause Uncle Larry is over 6 foot and Dad is barely over 5 foot. The shape of their fingers are very similar if you look past the fact that Dads are gnarled with age and arthritis. It amazes me that I can see Dad younger in Uncle Larry's hands. Some day my hands will look like my Dads bent, stiff and hard to use because of the arthritis that plagues me all over my body. I have decided however that when I get up in the morning and I can stand without falling over it is gona be a great day. God has been good to me, given me a man that loves me without fail. Even when I drive him up the wall, although the same can be said of him. I have two beautiful children that are grown, married and have 4 growing and precious grandchildren. The oldest Grandson Samuel made the B honor roll this last year. I am so proud that he worked that hard and was able to achieve so much. He has always struggled in school and this is a wonderful feat for him. Christian is a whiz a just about anything he touches. Going into the 6th grade. Izzy my first Granddaughter is a tall willowy somewhat clumsy 9 year old. Typical for 9 year olds who haven't grown into their feet or size just yet. She is so full of life and vigor, she will be a 5th grader. Whew where have the days and years gone. Lainers is the youngest Granddaughter, cute little chubby 5 year old face, bold and scared of very little. She loves bugs and taught her preschool class how to pick them up. Look out Kindergarten here she comes.
I have so much to be thankful for I don't have time to feel sorry for myself. Thats not to say that I don't once in a while. But then we all do!
Growing up in a house full of girls my poor Dad didn't have a chance. He used to say I was his only son cause I liked to be with him and do what he did. Being in the middle I had to be tough or I wouldn't get enough to eat. HEHEHEHE! Not really just self preservation, I remember one very cold winter before I had started school the cows Dad milked got pink eye. He had to vaccinate all of them against it and for it. I spent a long time sitting on the top of a 6 foot high fence holding a vile and a syringe for him. He would walk up behind a cow thump it on the rump then jab in the needle. I was sure glad that wasn't me down there. I thought I was going to freeze to that fence before he got down. I never wavered from my spot I was so glad just to be there with him it didn't matter. One final note to that story. A few days after we got down with the pink eye mess I woke up one morning and couldn't open one eye. It was gooed shut. Well you may have guessed it, I had pink eye. Scared to death I was going to get a shot like the cows had but fortunately all I got was some ointment for Mom to put in my eyes. Whew! That was a close one.
It's funny when you start talking or writing about what you remember as a kid you remember a lot more. One day I will write down about the baby lamb we brought home, the snake Dad hauled down to the grainery from the house, stick houses, playing in the coolie, hide and go seek with friends, hiding in the corn field, and so many many more. Life is good, full of love, hope and family. I thank the Lord for each and everyone of them.

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