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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hot dog days of summer!

Boy oh boy has it ever been hot. I really don't mind when I can stay in a nice cool air conditioned house but when Richard wants to go out on the boat and the only way to stay cool is to swim welllll! That is a different ball of wax. I gave up wearing swim suits of the two piece variety a long many years ago. Not a sight anyone should have to endure especially me! I have been far more demure in the last years as gravity slowly takes over and treats me like an antique chest where the chest falls into the drawers. Let it be said I do not treat anyone to that sight. I did however find a nice, long, slimming black, full of elastic, and skirted suit of the one piece variety that is okay. The only thing is I have to be prepared to stay in the water because the tightness that makes all of me stay put just adds to the heat. All you gals out there will understand the extra heat that is created by the aging process. I have long concluded that growing old especially for us women is not for sissies! From the wrinkles we try to avoid, good luck on that one, to the power surges we all seem to be afflicted with. I mean Hot Flashes, YUCK! I think they are Gods way of poking fun as our own self importance! We think we are so smart that only we can have children see girls what we get for our feeling of importance!! LOL!!!! The swim suit issue is my own self imposed bashfulness that I have always had when it comes to being almost bare in public.
I read Lucy's story on the South Hills and so many fun times and explorations come to mind. I wonder if we could go up there and find the tree, a Quaken Aspen, to be exact that Dad let us carve our very crude names into. That was so many years ago it has probably blown down or been cut down.
One of my fondest memories is the first Christmas I spent as the girl friend of one Richard Wonenberg. He has been a member of this family for the 39 years we have been married and the year and a half before that. He bought all my sisters, except Carol who was in Georgia, a bath robe for Christmas. The house we lived in was very small, less than 1000 feet, we had one bathroom and two bedrooms. Never seem small to us but anyway Richard was real tired of always having to "cover your eyes Richard I'm coming through" never failed that Connie, Lucy and Teri forgot to take their pjs into the bathroom with them when they went to take a bath. The girls were very excited by such a wonderful gift. BUTTTTTTT that did not stop the fact that they still forgot to take them in the bathroom.
We had tons of fun growing up! So many many happy memories. I can't wait to get all the stories my sisters have in a book. Our Mom will love it.
Happy Lords Day! Good week to you all!

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