Treking in the woods.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where does time go!

You ever have one of those days when you just wonder where in the heck did the time go to. Some days are worse than others for me. Some days I wonder why in the world I ever got out of bed. Well I one of those days last week.
I was sitting in my chair messing around on line, just browsing really, nothing of any real importance, killing time. I was to pick up the girls at 3:45 p.m. from school. About 15 minutes after the hour I left home for the school. It usually takes me at least 30 minutes in heavy traffic to get there but that day it only took me 20 minutes. I pulled around behind the school and there were no other cars, there were kids playing on the play ground. Well what the heck what was going on? I looked down at the clock in the car and darn it anyway it was only 2:35 not 3:35. What was I doing there an hour early? I can't believe I left home long before I needed to. Wow time does fly just in reverse in this case. Okay so I can either park there for an hour and catch a wee bit of a nap or I can go over to Erin's and wait. I opted to go to Erin's house and watch a little television. The hour went by faster than I would have liked but at least there was no one there to witness my flub up.
Oh well, this to shall pass.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back at it!

I have not been able to find the time or the energy to sit down and blog for a little while and now find myself drawn to write one more time about the trip we took to our home town of Twin Falls. I think the most touching spot we visited was the Shoshone Basin in the South Hills. When we stopped at a particular spot it felt so much like we had been there. That it was our spot. One full of more than one trip of memories. We camped for many years in our young lives. Some times in the South Hills, some times along the Richfield Canal, or on the shores of Magic Resv. We even followed the Lewis and Clark trail by car one year. Each trip holds one or two special memories for me. When we went to Montana along the L & C Trail Dad ran over our 1 gallon green and white thermos. I thought maybe I had imagined that particular memory but Connie also remembered that thermos incident. I am not sure how it happened but just knowing that it did assures me that I have not forgot as much as I feared. One fishing trip along the Richfield was particularlly memoriable for Connie. Mom had a fishing pole made for Dad one year and it was his pride and joy. Needless to say when Connie accidently shut the tip of it in the roll up window of our Chevy Station wagon and broke it off she was very upset and afraid that Dad would be really really mad. He hugged her as she cried and told her it was okay it could be fixed. Dad was such a gentle person somethimes I think to much so for his own good. My favorite memory of camping on Magic Resv. was one of my first real fishing tries. Dad let me us his pole and I got to cast out and reel in. I remember sitting on the bank between his bent knees talking the whole time. When the pole jerked I almost threw the pole in the water but Dad patiently told me to grab tight and start to reel it in slowly. Finally the fish got to the bank and Dad had me, yes me, all of 6 years old take that cold slimy fish off the hook. He told me if I was going to catch them I had to remove them from the hook. I managed to grab that slippery thing in one hand and get the hook out of it's mouth. Dad even showed me how to whack the fishes head againest a rock so it would not suffer a slow death. One of my favorite times in the South Hills is at the spot I am almost certain was our spot. Dad spent the good part of one morning cutting a bunch of willow sticks outfitting them with a length of fishing line, a hook, a sinker and bait for not just one kid but at least 3 of us. We always camped fairly close to the creek so we could use the water out of it to wash up, do dishes and use for cooking. Dad would turn us loose and he would take off for some fishing time on his own. Our fishing adventures never lasted very long as we bored with just sitting there. So we would start changing the course of the river by moving rocks and building small dams. We kept those willow sticks for in the evening we got to roast marshmellows. Now that was a real treat. We had a Boston Terrier and he went every where we went. That crazy dog named Sox followed us as we played in the river. He stayed with us until he had enough of being wet and cold he took off for camp. Mom found him hunkerd down in our suitcase full of dry clothes. Mom pateintly took all the clothes that were wet out and hung them up to dry. We had tons of freedom in those hills south of Twin. We hiked up to the tree line, carved our names in the trunks of Quaken Aspen trees, piled rocks so we would know we had been there and played of endless hours in the river. We felt like we ate like kings. Fried potatoes, bacon, hot dogs and much much more. We slept on the ground and loved it. Don't ask me to do it this day and age. I would need a crane to get me up again. I still love camping I attribute that love to the parents who allowed us to experience the great out doors to it's fullest.
I finally got some pictures put on this other computer but am to tired tonight to mess with putting them on here. I will do it when I get a few minutes. Sweet dreams everyone.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 3 tour thru time!

This post is days after the 3 one we spent together in Twin Falls, but I have been very tired and needed some time to get my brain function back.
On the 3rd morning we were going about our time getting ready to meet the day when my cell phone rang and it was Teri. She was at the local mall and had been in touch with some old church and school friends and they were anxious to reconnect with our pasts. Well we had been planning to go to a place called Castleford and walk up to the top of Balanced Rock. It is an a very unusual place and is a magnificent demonstration of this fantastic place we all call home.
Teri informed me it was snowing. "You have got to be kidding". Snowing what else can the weather man throw at us in the week we will spend together. Okay so Balanced Rock is out. There is no way any of us are prepared to spend that much time outside in the cold. So we opted to go to the mall, meet Teri and our old friends, Anne Biggs Fuller and Amy Biggs. They were just two of the Biggs kids that we went to church with. It was very nice to sit with old friends and talk about our lives and where we are today. Connie and I also did a bit a shopping while we were there looking for some shirts and things for her to take on her trip to Hawaii. We were successful in that part of our mall trip.
After our visit we made our way to the freeway to take in the sights at a wonderful quilt store in the small town of Rupert. The amount of fabric is hard to take in on a single visit or even several visits. Connie, Carol and I were in a little bit of heaven. All that fabric much of it Moda was fun to walk through, touch, smell, and wonder. I bought the fabric for Matt and Lindsay a wedding quilt. I even went to far as to buy a kit to make Carol a quilt for her trailer. Okay, okay is you have seen my sewing room I really don't need to buy any more fabric but I wanted to so I did. I think we were there for about 2 or 3 hours and it was just not enough to see all of it. Connie wants to come back over to Idaho and do another visit to the "Gathering Place" quilt store in Rupert.
Now it was time to find Highway 30 and make our way to Burley. I drove west along the highway not positive about where I was heading. I am more than willing to admit that I am not very familiar with the Burley area. Claude and Ella Bryant lived there years ago and may still for all I know. Ella is the daughter of Mom Uncle John who is the brother of her Mom. Seeing people was not the purpose of our visit, it was a side benefit however. We found Hwy. 30 and drove till we found the corner the Bryant's lived on. Boy so much had changed on that corner. I was amazed how close to the railroad tracks the house was. I do not remember the train tracks at all. The house seems so close the road but I am sure this too is skewed by the minds of a little girls. In that trip from Rupert to Burley we got hailed on blown all over the road. We drove back to Twin Falls on Hwy 30. We stopped off at Teri's apartment to drop her off, pick up the asparagas we had picked and head toward our hotel. We decided to drive the Pole Line Road. From Blue Lakes Blvd. we turned west onto Pole Line and headed toward Filer. We turned on Washington south to what was called way back when Lover's Lane. We pulled into the now developed area and got out of the car. We marveled at the change in where the Pererine Coolie is and how much it had changed. So much so that it is hardly recognizable. The place we used to live and spend so many great hours was long gone replaced by a hotel. The tall white with red topped posts we used to sit on also long gone. From there we had to go back toward town so we could by pass the Pole Line Rd. it is undergoing a massive overhaul and the road does not exist. We drove to Filer on the four lane road we also used to live on, that house is also gone but a tree marks the spot. Kinda of like x marks the spot on a treasure map. Getting in Filer we went by the house the Louise Partin lived in, down to the main street and east to the Filer Fair Grounds. The Twin Falls County Fair and Rodeo also holds many many fond memories for all of us. We loved to go help Mom and Dad in the First Baptist Church Booth. In those days there were tons of things to do that did not cost anything and the food was plentiful and such good stuff. The front gate has not changed in all these years. Well something we recognized. I continued north to connect with Pole Line Rd from that end of it. Well how do you like that I could only go a couple of miles. It was closed from that way also. Dog gone it, might as well go back to the hotel and then go have a nice dinner because we were all really ready to go home. We went to a place called Idaho Joes. Dinner was nice, nothing to spendy but it was good and it was hot. We went back to the hotel and settled in for the night. I will save the journey home for a day later or so. I am tired and need to call it a day.
It is awfully quiet around here tonight. Carol and Cecil left and took with time Connie. I miss them and sure do wish one of more of my sisters lived very close to me. So for tonight sleep tight all and I love you all.