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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just Wondering

It is Sunday March 7th, 2 days after my kid Jason had his 37th birthday. Well, talk about feeling older all the time. The time crawls at times then flies so fast I can not figure out how fas the time does fly when we are having fun.
Lucy, John and their family has been very much on my mind lately. Matt got married this weekend and he and Lindsey are starting a new chapter in their lives. I am so happy for the both of them and wish them many many years of wedded bliss.
The weather has been absolutely beautiful the last few days. It is very temporary as we are expecting a cold front to set in here in the next day or so. I have crocus blooming and daffies, tulips, and other spring flowers springing up all over the place. My pussy willow is full of little white buds. I love this time of year, all the old things in the ground becoming new again. I guess you can call it rebirth of a sort. It gives me a new sense of hope and a new beginning.
I have been reading FaceBook and what most of our family writes on there. It is so fun to see what everyone is doing on a regular basis. Makes them feel much closer in unity and not so far in miles.
The grand daughters were here a while ago. They ate some lunch, went roller blading and watched a movie "The Proposal". We cleaned up the kitchen and as I was putting food away. Lainey asked me if I was giving the container I was filling up to her Dad and I told her no I was saving it for PaPa's lunch. She asked me in a very serious 6 year old voice if Grandpa had a job now. He has been retired for almost 2 years and the girls are aware that he does not work. It just struck as so funny that that is how she sees things. Isabelle is busy worrying about an up coming school program where she gets to square dance. I think she worries to much about the small things in her life. It hurts to see her worry about things so hard for someone for so young. I just want her to enjoy being a kid and stop worrying about what her Mom and Dad does. She does not need to concern herself with what they do and how they act. I just keep praying she will see she can not change it with her worry.
I have a beautiful new TV cabinette sitting in my family room, thanks to my wonderful husband. He made it out of solid oak and has some really nice features. He started it about 2 years ago and lost interest in it. It sat all alone and unfinished for all that time. This January he made a New Years resolution to get it finished. Suprisingly enough it only took him about 3 weeks to finish it up. I am so glad the stuck to getting it finished. I love it and it looks so nice. Everything in it's place and a place for everything.
I have been thinking about our sister week and I am looking forward to it with much anticipation. Where we go what we do, who we see and maybe pick some asparagas. That would really be stepping back in the past. Oh it is gona be fun!
To any of you that still read this blog I hope you have a great day, be safe and love each other to the fullest.

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