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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Time to laugh!

Just got done reading Lucy's latest blog. I can feel her pain with the curtain issue. I never do it alone because I know exactlly what would happen. I hate hanging curtains. I leave the same ones up for years because of my intense dislike. You see I used to work for a friend of mine that made drapries. What a job and a half. We used a pool table to lay them out on and I hated it when the panels were off even just a little. It always took more time than I liked spending on them to make it perfect. The truth be told I was not any good at math and when you do stuff like that you need to measure twice and cut once. What fun is that? I am glad quilting is not so obvious when you make a mistake. I am able to hide little mistakes and seams that are not quite as straight as they could be. Whew! Good thing for me as if it were any other way I would probably quit. Richard made a beautiful tv cabinette and to my knowledge he only cut one board the wrong size. I had to laugh at for that cause even one booboo is just not in his general make up. I only had to wait two years for it. He did something on New Years Eve that he never usually does. He made a resolution or more exactually a couple of them. One was to finish the piece of furniture and the others he is keeping himself. He figures if he says them out loud I can give him a hard time about them when they do not come about. Now I ask you would I do that? I guess the best answer would be I sure enough would.
I had an interesting experience today with my youngest grand daughter Lainey. I had to drop her off at school. I am very reluctant to let her walk from the curb to the school by herself. Okay so I got out with her and started to walk her up to the school. We got up part way and she put her hands up in front of me and told that it was okay she could make it on her own. Well, I did not need a brick wall to fall on me to see that she did not want me to take her all the way up. Just does not seem possible that she is old enough to be so independent, when did I get so old.
Issabelle is growing by leaps and bounds. Getting tall and growing prettier all the time. I wish sometimes I could make time stand still. Samuel just turned 14 and soon Christian will be 12 and Izzy will be 10. Boy o boy kids are like flowers in the spring growing fast to beat the fact that before we all know it will be winter again. They are all in a hurry to grow up to be adults. It is too bad we can not give them the insite as to how hard it is to be an adult and have so much responsiblity. Not all of it is hard, we do have tons of fun and make a mountain of memories.
Recently I have been giving my childhood a lot of thought. I think it was pretty darn good! We went camping, sang songs when we drove from place to place, ate Neopolitan ice cream on Sunday after church, had a bunch of sisters to play with. We walked in the creek in the South Hills, drove miles and miles in the wilderness with our wagon and never left the backyard, rolled snow balls so big there was no hope of lifting them up to make a snow man. We drank Mom's home made hot chocolate, ate raisen cake, popcorn balls, and home made ice cream. I never remember being hungry. We may not have had the newest styles of clothes, but they were clean and pressed. We each had a bed that was warm and dry. We all went to school and had two parents that cared about us.
Holidays at our house were a sight to behold. From the many wrappings at Christmas time to the many many dyed Easter eggs. I remember one Easter we lost an egg, found it later that summer and it was not very pretty. Dad warned us to leave it alone just in case it broke open. I am not so sure he was worried about us or about how we would smell if messed with the rotten egg.
One Christmas Mom made a sorta house that was made out of cardboard and soap flakes. It was quite to sight to behold. It was decorated with candies and all snowy white. Our dog
Sox thought it would be a great thing to eat. He blew soap bubbles for a few days and was quite a sight to see. Kind of looked like he had a long white beard. Poor thing he was awfully sick for a few days.
Times like those make times like these all worth it. I am so greatful for my life all that God has seen fit to give me.

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  1. Hahahaha! Good times....good good times.....

    Love the cabinet by the way! He of course did a great job with it!