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Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring! Who said it was sprin?

I think it should be illegal to predict snow in April. If I thought it would do any good I would string up the weather man and throw snow balls at him or her!
Things are good at this house. My annual cardiac visit was good. BP was right where it should be, my EKG was as normal as they get, and if all goes well my blood test will be a okay also.
I have to relay to you the most unique way I have ever seen to have a baby tooth pulled. Richard and I stopped over at Erin's to have coffee and say Hi! It was Wednesday morning and the girls were home on spring break. I had enjoyed my first cup of coffee and much laughter and conversation when the call of nature came in loud and clear. For any of you who are grandparents you know that when Grandkids are around you can not go to the bathroom by yourself. Lainey followed me in to the bathroom and I had just sat down when Isabelle joined us and was giving Lainey a bad time about her very loose front tooth. Izzy kept telling her just let Grandma pull it. Believe I had tried a few days before but Lainey was having no part of it. She finally said okay "Grandma you can feel it but don't pull on it", I took hold of this tooth between my left thumb and index finger and applied a small amount of preassure. I felt it give a bit, Lainey did to. She grabbed my hand with both of hers so I would not pull anymore, I kept hold of it and applied slight down ward pull with just my fingers, Isabelle who was standing there incouraging her all this time took matters into her own hands. She put the heal of her hand very quickly on Laniey's forhead and pushed her head back ward. Needless to say the tooth remained stationary in my fingers and the mouth left the tooth. Not the other way round. It was the funniest thing I have ever been apart of. And yes I was still sitting on the pot waiting to get a second or two to my self to complete my task. I thought Isabelle was going split her pants with laughter. She pulled her sister tooth and never touched the tooth. I little while ago Isabelle came to me and told me Lainey had another tooth that was really loose. Needless to say Lainey avoided opening her mouth any where near me for the time she was here. Too funny!!!!!!!
I am getting ready to head to Joilet Ill for a Coast Guard Auxiliary class for three days. After I get the class done my son Jason will pick me up and take me to his house for a day or two. We will meet Carol and Cecil at Dads house on Tuesday or so. Then comes the task of getting it cleaned out and divided up. I do not relish this task for several reasons. It feels like such an invasion of Dads life, and it makes it all to real that he is really gone just not being a part of our lives. I wonder how easy it would have been if he had never come back in our lives. I am so very glad for the past 10 years that we had with him, a few regrets in that I should have been more forceful about making him move out to Idaho, I knew he was not as strong in the last 4 years after his bile duct ailment got him down. He never really got back from it. I think if we had all ganged up on him he would of had to give in and come here. I was selfish not wanting him to live with me. I was thinking he would live for a long time more when in my heart I was really sure his years were very very short. He was worried about losing his independence but not considering what we could have given him instead. I suppose filling my heart with regret is counter productive so I will go to the positive in all of this and that is the family reunited and so much closer than once was. I am looking forward to spending a week with my Sisters in our home town. Walking down memory lane, laughing, eating, loving and sharing good times.
I am a lucky woman to have sisters that are such a joy in my life, to have a Mom that is still living but getting frailer as each day passes, a husband who loves me with no question, two wonderful children both of whom I am so very proud, 4 Grandkids that bring me more joy than I deserve to have in my life,nieces and nephews and their kids, 3 quilting friends that listen to me every week about life and its ups and downs, the friends a bowl with, the dear friends I boat with. Oh man my life is full of the love of family and friends. I am truly blessed.

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  1. That is quite possibly the best story I have ever heard on tooth pulling! I laughed and laughed! Those girls are hilarious!!!! I can just see it happening.

    I love you guys so much. I miss you too! Have a good time with Ja and I will be praying for you and Carol at Dads....:o(