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Friday, January 1, 2010

Left overs anyone?

This blog is dedicated to my husband and his ever present take and laughter and life. You know when you have a big family function you seem to have a never ending supply of amazing left overs.
We had already had the typical heated up turkey, potatoes, gravy and the like and then we had hot turkey open faced sandwiches and it was time for the typical sandwich with a nice coating of mayo. I put the baggies of meat on the counter as well as the bread the mayo and a container of applesauce. Richard added a container of potatoes and carrots we had cooked with a pork roast a day or two before Christmas. I fixed my half sandwich the typical way. Bread, turkey and mayo. I left the kitchen to take my sandwich to the dining room table. Richard used a left over hamburger bun piled on the white meat lightly salted, added potatoes to his plate and added what he thought was gravy. I walked back into the kitchen just in time to see him begin to cover his plate with plastic wrap and asked him what he was doing. He kind of snapped at me "fixing my plate" and asked him why he was putting applesauce on his spuds. He looked at me with such a forlorn look and I thought Christy and I would wet ourselves laughing. He thought the applesauce looked like gravy, to his credit I will say he ate it with no complaint then slyly showed me the applesauce he had put on his sandwich grateful that he chose not to use mayo. I am not sure I could have or would have gone ahead and eaten it. I know of many people who would have thrown the whole mess out and stocked off in anger. Not my Richard he is a true gentleman or he was just really hungery but none the less he acted very honorably. I am very proud to be married to this man for nearly 40 years.
This is not about left overs but it is about the funny things that happen in the course of family life. On New Years Eve we were playing Scene It with some friends of Jason and Christy's, Ken and Karen. Samuel, my 13 year old grandson, was joining the fun. It was girls againest the boys. Sam innocently said that Bozley the dog would have to play on the girl side because he had been nuetered and was no longer considered a boy. Ken said "I guess that means I am not a guy then either", Christy said "well I guess then Jason isn't either" and I said "well neither is Grandpa"! we all looked at Samuel in disbelief and the look on face was priceless when Ken told him it would then have to be him and his little brother, Christian, were the only two real boys. We all got a huge laugh out of Sam's embaressed red face and his huge smile. It is not every day a 13 year old can stick his foot in it clear up to his eye balls in something like the status of a man. I applaud his ability to laugh at himself.
Life is good and life is funny! God has been good to me! I am very grateful.

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