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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keep on trying!

I can not tell you how many times I have written this and been almost to the end and the program locked up on me. It does not want me to put our recent photos in here. Ok so I won't for the time being. On ward and up ward.
I have had a couple of funny little incidents come up in recents days that I want to share with you. The first is something Uncle Larry said when we were in Nebraska. When Uncle Larry, Margaret, Aunt Ellen, Alfreda, and Glen were getting ready to leave we all got up to share hugs and goodbyes and see you tomorrow sort of things. Carol reached around Uncle Larry and squeezed him around the middle. He sort of gasped and said I wouldn't do that if I were you I am not wind proof anymore. He said it with such a straight face that it was so funny we nearly rolling around on the floor. He is such a crazy and wonderful guy. I sure wish it was not so far to his place. It would be lovely to be able to spend some real time with him and Margaret.
The other thing that I want to tell you about is on Richard. My beloved husband. I was standing at the kitchen sink when he walked in from the family room carrying his empty cereal bowl. He made some comment to me and I answered back. Instead of stopping and leaving his bowl in the sink he walked right on passed. He walked into the bathroom and I thought to myself well okay with that I guess. I heard the water run and when he came out he was grinning and said to me, "Do you believe what I just did" well I really was wondering but let him go on with his little story. He said he rinsed his bowl and spoon looked up and saw his reflection and said to him self what a dope. What are you doing? I laughed and laughed. It is not very often that I am able to catch him doing something really silly and when I do it is always worth it. We have such a wonderful time together, we bicker when we drive but it is all in good fun and nothing serious. I am in awe of the fact the in a few months we will be married for 40 years. Boy of boy time has a way of getting away from us.
Savor all your time and never let it get to far away.

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