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Monday, April 26, 2010

Blast to the past!

Well, Teri, Carol, Connie and I are in Twin Falls going slowly through our years growing up here. It feels very strange to be here staying not just driving through. We miss our little Sis, Lucy, who is unable to join us due to a sudden illness. This has been of the smartest thing we have ever done. We have driven all over the valley remembering things like where we used to visit our Aunt Helen and Uncle John. Their old log home still stands. That is amazing in itself. The rock wall of the old nursing home where our Grandma Grape lived for a time and married her last husband Jim Lynch. The arch and rock wall around the whole of the property is very impressive. The home has long ago been torn down. We drove down to the Shoshone Falls which is an impressive site even though the water is not running very high. We strolled through the City Park and enjoyed the warm sun the monuments placed around the park and just being together and outside.
Tomorrow we plan to drive out to Nat Soo Pah our favorite swimming hole when we were young. We will continue to the South Hills and visit our favorite camping area. We spent many happy hours playing in the water, climbing the hills and eating wonderful food prepared outside. That seems to make it all taste better. Over the next few days we will make our way all over the town and see all the old familiar places.
Our favorite thing so far was having some time to visit with our cousin Doris Wise McCoy. Doris lives in Spring Creek and it had been a good number of years since we have had the opportunity to get reacquainted with each other. We did not spend nearly enough time together so hopefully we can make it again before the end of the week.
On to last for the day but certainly not least. We drove down a country road and spotted some growing asparagus. We got so into this special find we picked enough to make two meals with. It is hard to believe we spend almost $7 bucks a bundle for it. Connie did not remember hunting for the wonderful green veggie so it was a real treat for her.
Well it is time to put this away for the night and get some sleep. We will have a busy day tomorrow and I need some sleep. Good night all.

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