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Monday, April 12, 2010

School! Who ever said you could always go to school?

I recently had the opportunity to go to a Coast Guard Auxiliary school in Joliet, Ill. It was a great class and I learned a lot about data entry into AUXDATA! I met lots of people from all over the country. I enjoyed all the conversation and hearing about other auxiliarists families and auxiliary lives. There are a lot of varied ages and personalities. I was really happy to see a very large group of younger people.
Jason and Samuel came to pick me up in Joliet, from their home in St. Charles, Minnesota. The trip thru the Chicago area was quite a trip. The traffic was what I would call thick for a Sunday and Ja was running low on gas. We finally got rid of the heavy traffic, got out of the construction and found a gas station. When we stopped for gas we all climbed out of the pickup. I went inside to use the restroom and Jason filled the gas tank. We all climbed back in and took off once again. Jason figured the gas milage and asked how much it cost. I told him "I don't know I thougt you used your card". He said "I don't have a card", "Didn't you pay for it?" We both said oh no we are a drive away. We turned around as quick as we could and went back. When I got up to the counter after a long line I told the gal what had happened and she was very grateful we were so honest. Honesty is the best policy after all. What kind of example would be set for a teenager if we just kept driving. We took we paid for it. The rest of the trip was very uneventful. It was nice to get to St. Charles.
I am now in Minnesota at my son's house and getting ready to go to Nebraska to finish up my Dads estate. I do not look forward to this chore as it makes it all to real. I pray it will all go easy and uneventful.
My husband has been mopping around about being alone. The other day he was asking me about a shrimp salad that I made last week. I told him to just throw it away but he thought he might try it out. I told him if he wanted me to find him on the floor dead when I get home to go ahead but Iwould not feel sorry for him. He is such a goof ball. He keeps texting me as he is spending so much time with just the cat and dog to talk to. Sadly to say the do not answer very well. By the time I get home I may need to peel him off the ceiling.
I am waiting anxiously for the weather to feel like it is spring time and warm enough and dry enough to dig the garden and plant some flowers. We are going to re do the front lawn. New grass, sprinkler system, new landscape. We are taking out the pine trees, the abrovita and who knows what else.
It is exciting to know that soon my front yard will look brand new and fresh and beautiful. I will have to get before and after pictures so I can post them.
Good night to all and smooth sailing to all.

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