Treking in the woods.

Monday, March 22, 2010


On Friday Matt and Lindsay stayed the night with us on their way to Oregon. We had a wonderful visit and enjoyed their company very much. In talking with them the subject of their honeymoon came up. I loved the stories they told about what they did, where they went and what they saw. It brought back memories of my own honeymoon almost 40 years ago. Just writing that number makes me shudder. Never in my wildest imagination thought I would make it to 40 years and now I am looking forward to 60 at least. Richard and I did our best to ruin a 4 day weekend back in 1970. We choose the 4th of July to do the deed. We were married on one of the hottest evenings of the summer. The First Christian Church in Buhl had no air conditioning and it was very warm. If we had used our heads we would have gotten married in the morning when it was still cool. Well anyway 8 pm was the time. The wedding came off with out a hitch and we had a good time. Our car got filled with thread from every conceivable place it could come from. Getting into it was like crawling through a maze of spider webs. We had cans and the whole nine yards. Just married decorated the hood of my parents station wagon. The words were always visable after that night. Our first night of wedded bliss took us to the big city and vacation destination spot (not) of Burley, Idaho. We stayed at a nice hotel however called the Ponderosa Inn. It was fairly new and we enjoyed the two nights we stayed there. We even had to sneak back to Buhl and Richard's parents house because Richard managed to leave his clothes bag hanging at the church when we left. He called his Mom and they took it home for him. We picked it up then headed up north. Our final destination was the home of his brother in Boise. But before we got there we did a wee bit of camping. We drove up through Shoshone then on up to Bellvue, Ketchum and Sun Valley. We made for Galenia Summit and a place to camp for the night. Some where before we hit the church camp Cathedral Pines we pulled over to take a pit stop. Not many rest areas in that part of the country way back then so a thick patch of woods would have to do. Welllll that was a mistake, not so bad for Richard but I paid the ultimate price of mesquito bites on my posterior. Oh what a miserable night we both had with my constant itching and complaining about it. I would not trade that time in my life for anything. We spent 3 more nights a various places along the North Fork of the Payette River before we went on to Al and Jacques. We spent a couple of days with Al, Jacque,and their kids Barry, Brett and Belinda they gave us their travel trailer to use as a bedroom. Keeping the 3 kids out of there in the early morning was not an easy thing to do. Belinda the youngest was not to happy with me and the fact that I had married her uncle whom she had planned to marry. She got over that eventually when she found out how much fun I could be. I have no desire to repeat our honey moon adventure but would love to go somewhere awesome. Maybe a cruise or an island that is not very popular. I crave alone time and no tv, phone or interruptions of the outside world. Richard and I enjoy each others company more than that of most anyone else. We have fun with so many other people and other places but for a honey moon type setting I want no one else to answer to. I pray our daughter will find the kind of happiness that we have been so fortunate to be blessed with. With our share of up and downs, fights and arguments, fun and memories what a life we have had. Look out world we are just getting started.
We have no plans for this year but who knows maybe in the next couple I will get my honey moon wish.

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