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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Animals of the past!

Lucy just reminded me of the longevity of animals we have at our house. Mom had this little Boston Terrier named Sox. He was more my dog than anyone elses. He slept with me on the top bunk and hated for me to leave him anywhere. He was killed not too long after Richard and I got married and after Mom had moved to Oregon. We sure loved that crazy dog. You didn't dare leave a beverage on the floor because he would have his little short nose pushed in as far as it would go. One New Years Eve before Richard and I were married he, Richard, was over at the house helping us usher in the New Year. Dad had mixed him a drink, a Screwdriver, to be exact. Richard was laying on the living room floor watching TV. He was not paying the slightest attention to Sox who was busy slurpping up his drink. Needless to say the dog had an obvious headache the next morning. He was the first of many in a too long of a line. We have longevity at our house so there is no need for a bunch.
With kids came many varieties of pets. We had another dog named Peanuts. I was with my Dad in the truck coming back from Utah and found her on the side of the road. She was a sweet little thing and lived to be a ripe old age. Then came Holly, her we got a little 6 week old puppy. Just a ball of fur that couldn't get up and down a step she was so short. Holly came into our lives just about the time my Sis Connie had her second child. When Holly Gayle was born Erin asked if Aunt Connie had a puppy to because the names were the same. Holly was around of more than 15 years. In those years we did have a lizard named Lionel that belonged to Jason, Emery had one named Richey. Both lizards lived a very long full life. Lionel actually died of old age. We had him for almost 4 years. The vet told us that just didn't happen in captivity.
Erin and Jason both had rabbits. Erin's was a dwarf Netherlands named Coco. He looked very much like a Siamese cat. Jason got a mini lop ear. Buuuuuuttttt!
He was not so mini! Nor was he so lopped! He had one ear that refused to stay down and he weighed in at about 8 lbs. good size for a rabbit. His name was Chewie. They were very nice rabbits. They loved to be petted and held. Chewie had a tooth problem. He needed orthodonture because his front teeth did not meet to keep them ground down. We took him to the vet every couple of weeks to get his teeth clipped. He did not do well with any of that and died after a couple of months of the treatments. Coco died of a kidney problem just a month or so after Chewie. We had them both for more than 5 years.
They had gerbils, no names on them, I made them take them back where they bought them because they were having babies and Mom was not a happy camper. Erin had an American Red Guinnie Pig named Rose Bud. Boy was she a pain. Erin used to put her cage in the living room at night because Rose Bud loved to rattle it all night long.
Jason and Erin both had hamsters. Jodie, Connie's oldest daughter came to visit for a few weeks one summer and loved them so much I bought her one. We put it in it's little box to transport back home. When we got to Chickahomny Resv. near Burns Oregon the hamster was not in its box. Her name was Peaches, and she had chewed her way out of that box. We were sure she was gone for good having fallen out of the truck somewhere along the way. The next morning she reappeared in the cab of the truck with her little bitty feet singed. She had crawled into the heater where it was hot. She proceeded home with no further trouble.
Erin also go a dog. Jason had taken her to the Humane Society and they together because Erin was not of age to get one on her own picked out the cutest black and white puppy. Richard was livid. He did not want a second dog and especially one that was as hard headed as that one was. The only way Erin could keep her was to let her dad give her a name. Hence she became Soxie. She was a good sized Border Collie that after some 4-H training turned out to be the most wonderful dog. Growing up she was a constant companion to Richard when Erin was not around. When building a shed, Richard had to constantly find his pencil, his hammer, his screw nails and what ever else Soxie would pack off. Soxie lived to be a very old dog much loved by Erin, Tommy, Isabelle, Lainey, Richard, myself, Jason, Christy, Sam and Christian. She had a partner in a small terrier type dog named Rot. He was docile and played no stop with Soxie. Erin lost them both not that many years ago and miss them to this day.
I already told you about the dogs and cat Erin now has but I forgot to mention the animals that Jason and his family have. When they moved to Minnesota they took with them a Beagle type dog named Gabby. Christy got her from the pound and had no idea how old she really was. They also had a cat named Gidgett. She came from a farmer who Jason had sold a lot of expensive equipment to when he worked for Campbell Tractor. They also had a stray cat named Teaka. She was kind of looney. Had some problems in her sinuses that made her act goofy. Ja has been in Minn. for almost 4 years. They lost Teaka when they first moved, just recently lost Gabby and still have Gidgett plus a little Yorkie named Bosley. He is the ruler of the roost. Samuel and Christian have also had a variety of other critters, lizards, hamsters, and rats. I hope we all live as long as our animals seem to. I am fairly certain when our Dolly dog is gone she will be the last. To hard to travel when you have a dog to take care of all the time. I love dogs and love this cat but I think I am done. They just hang around much to long.

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  1. I bremember all dem animallssss! hahahaha! Loved that Peanuts to pieces and there never was another Sox.

    I'll try to make you a button box! Color? lemme know! I have a cool box set aside. Just made Jodie Podie a cute birdhouse for the baby's room. I shall have to photograph it!