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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The true meaning of friends!

I am catching well deserved flak from little sis Lucy about not keeping up with my blog. Suffice it to say I have been away. Richard and I spent the weekend at our one of our favorite places Lucky Peak Lake! We had an Coast Guard Auxiliary function on Sunday so we needed to be there for the festivities. The weather was okay! Too cool to sit in the shade and too hot to sit in the sun. Very breezy and unseasonably cool for what should be hot August nights.
I had a scare on Thursday and really got a good lesson in friendship and knowing ones own body. I was home alone when I started feeling bad. I had been on the computer writing my last blog. I was beginning to think it was from the way I was sitting. I shut it down and went to relax in my chair. The pain in my chest and back just kept getting worse. I waited almost 90 minutes before I came to the conclusion the pain was not going to go away on its own and I may very well be having a heart problem. Checked my blood pressure and it was way higher than it should be. The bottom number was over 100. Okay so now I am really scared. I called my good friend Chris because Richard was at the lake waiting for me, Erin was a work and I didn't think I could stand long enough to find her work number in my purse. Guess I really should put it my cell phone. I called my son in law, although he and Erin are no longer married to call her. He did just that. She called my cell phone just about the time Chris got to my house. Erin had her give me an aspirin then had her look in the fridg where Richard keeps his nitro tabs cause he has had 2 heart attacks. She found it gave it to me then called 911. All it did was give me an amazing headache. The paramedics got there checked me out and hauled to the ER at St. Al's. I spent 5 hours in the ER. Tommy bless his heart went to Lucky Peak, found the Park Ranger another friend of our Serrat Nichols and had him call Richard on the VHF radio. Where Richard was camped he could not hear Serrat very well so another friend of ours, Ron Fritz, that was up there relayed messages back and forth to get him into the Marina. Tommy brought him home as by that time I was home also. Chris and Erin stayed at the hospital with me until I was cleared to go home. Chris went home and Erin brought me home. Don't think it was my heart after all but an ulcer caused from all the drugs I take to keep my lupus, blood pressure, my colesteral, and my arthritis at bay. Imagine that!!! LOL!!!! Anyway I am scheduled for a nuclear stress test tomorrow. Will have an endoscopy along with a colonoscopy in early September. Pray that nothing happens again like that. Not at all fun.
My friends and my family were there for me every step of the way. I value each and every one of them and thank God they are in my life and care enough about me to be there for me. I will be there for them should the need ever arise. God willing the need will never come. I want to say a big thanks to everyone who loves me and cares for me. You are truly appreciated and a huge influence in my life. Thank You!

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