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Sunday, August 30, 2009

School Day!

Watching my granddaughters getting excited for their first day back to school sure brings back a lot of school memories. Not necessarily the first day but special days. In my day the olden day we were not allowed to wear pants or shorts to school. Just dresses and skirts, so much has changed and for the better I might add. In the winter we did not have what you would call snow boots but those rubber kind you slipped over your shoes. Overshoes I believe they were called! HEE HEE! Anyway durning the cold or the wet time of year I would have given anything to own a pair of knee high socks, tights or leggings. Those darn ol rubber boats always chapped the leg so bad. Especially on the inside of the leg. I hated those things! We would go out and play in the snow at home but we always had either several layers of pants on or were lucky enough to have a snow suit. Still very cold even then.
When I was in 4th grade we had a class program we got to participate in if we chose. I always had what I thought was a fair voice so I chose to sing a song while a school mate, Barry Bradshaw played the guitar. We chose Swing Low Sweet Chariot. I had forgotten the day we were going to do it so when I got to school and found out it was that day I was frantically asking the teacher if I could call my mom so she could bring the dress I had chosen, my fancy frilly Easter dress, the only frilly one I owned. She brought it with just minutes to spare, helped me dress in the girls room, combed my hair then watched I as sang a not so loud song. I can't even tell you if any one clapped. I was so scared and nervous.
President Kennedy was killed that year. It was such a sad time. We got to vote at school and I did not vote for him but for Barry Goldwater. We got out of school the day of his funeral and we all watched at home. I can still see the black and white picture of John John saluting his fathers coffin as it went by.
We got to watch from school when the first space ship landed on the moon. We got to stay home from school when the snow piled up to deep to get out of our lane. We ate wonderful hot lunches everyday. Made fresh right there in the kitchen at the school. Mom was a school lunch cook for a couple of years and I loved it when I was sick because I got to with her and watch while she worked as I sat perched on a high stool. I remember getting out of school for what was called East End Day at the Twin Falls County Fair and Rodeo. Boy o Boy that was some fun. The fair was the best. The fair grounds are located in Filer just west of Twin by just a few miles. Our church we went to, The First Baptist Church, always had a booth there that Mom and Dad worked at. We got to go hang around all day and see everything at least two or three times. The fair still goes on today and we plan to take a trip down there just to see what old friends we can run into. I will take my camera and post some pictures. All the animals are in different barns, the merchants have their own space. There is a huge agriculture barn as several for 4-Hr's. The rodeo is always on the national circuit and lots of fun to watch. The carnival is a local one that spends most of its time in Arizona. The food is marvelous and I can't wait to walk back down that memory lane.
Tomorrow as my little girls head to school I hope they write on their memories some of their firsts and keep them for all time. Such a precious gift our memories.

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  1. Oh man, I remember that fair so clearly, what FUN! You know you are aging yourself by walking down THOSE memory lanes! hahahahaha! I love it!! I can't wait to see your pics of the fair this year. We did some fun things didn't we?