Treking in the woods.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Over the weekend I had to opportunity to tune out the world of cars, t.v., phone and all those other things that get in the way of hearing nature at it's best. Richard and I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday up at Lucky Peak on the boat. What better way to commune with nature than to sit in the rain and listen to the world around you. For once all was quiet up there. Usually when it is hot there are a whole bunch of people around boats, skis, jet skis, wake boards, tubes, and on and on. I actually liked the rain. Kept everyone but us hardy few from the lake. We watched a large family of Merganziers fishing along the shore line then one by one hop on a dock across from where we sat to preen and clean their feathers in a pouring rain. One little guy had a particularly hard time hopping up on the dock. These docks sit about 8 to 12 inches out of the water. Anyway we kept encouraging him as we watched from in side the cabin of our boat when he finally made it we found out what his difficulty was, he has a lame foot. Most likely he will not last long enough to fly off with the flock, but he took just as much time with his grooming as the others did. The wild life up there has always been a source of wonder and awe to me. I love just to sit and watch ants at work in their own environment. One evening last year I was sitting on the fly bridge of the boat, that is the upper deck, reading a Plum novel with a nifty book light I just bought when I heard a thwanggg just above my head. Where we dock our boat is know to be frequented by bats. Evidently a bat got a little whacked out by my light and hit our vhf radio antenna. I never did hear a splash so he must have been okay. Who says they such good night fliers.
A couple of weeks ago in the same spot we were sitting with some friends of ours Larry and Patty Rose just enjoying the shade and the conversation when we spied a little brownish gray lizard. He scampered across the ground and up a tree. Larry had his chair positioned not to far from that particular tree. The lizard went up the tree just to about 6 inches above Larry's head. Larry had on a nice purple hat with gold lettering. That lizard seemed to be fascinated by the hat. We all told Larry about his admirer, who appeared to be doing pushups in preparation for a leap on to that hat. Larry said "the only thing he was going to get was a flying lesson". That lizard sat there a long time eyeing that hat.
Isabelle and Lainey were up there with us not long ago when it was really hot. We spent a lot of time in the water just trying to stay cool. The girls kept busy playing and splashing around. They finally decided it was lunch time, so we took time to eat a bite. After we ate they sat in the sun to get warmed up and their Grandpa fished and they watched. Low and behold he caught a small mouth bass. Not large enough to keep but fun for the girls to watch get closer to the boat. All was well until they decided it was time to go in the water again. All of a sudden Lainey got nervous about the fish in the water. She was convinced they were going to come up and bite her. To Isabelle's credit she did a fantastic job of reassuring Lainey that the fish were gone and that they had no teeth. Lainey finally got back in the water and was having so much fun she just forgot about the fish.
From many birds, water fowl, insects, bats, and more we enjoy just being in nature and close to the work of God. Such a sweet place to see his handy work up close and personal.
Heres to good times on and off the water. Love to all.


  1. Nice blog! Some good memories were made up at Lucky Peak...remember my itsy bitsy teeny weeny bright red polka dot bikini? Man...I must have looked like a dang CHICKEN in that thing! hahahaha! Wouldn't get caught dead in one of them string things now, except in my own back yard with all the gates and doors locked!

    OMG, I wrote this comment and then scrolled down...I didn't know you took this picture! Thank you sissy! I appreciate it!

  2. nice pics grand ma love sam