Treking in the woods.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cats and dogs!

Richard and I were sitting in our favorite place this morning enjoying the early morning cool, buzz of bees and our critters!
TC is our cat! She is a Maine Coon cross with ummmmmm, I don't know, but anyway she is fierce and mighty hunter in the back yard. She is only allowed outside in only in the back yard when one of us is out there. Needless to say her antics are very entertaining. Not to long ago she was all hunched up just waiting to spring on a poor hapless bee. Unfortunately for TC the bee was not as cooperative as she would have liked and became very indignant when she got stung in the foot. She nursed a swollen paw for several days after that. Evidently it did not dampen her love of the chase. For this morning she was at it again. Stalking ever so slowly and springing on her helpless prey. This time she was rewarded with a tasty little snack, a bee, yuck! She had her revenge. TC roams the confines of our back yard and is such a scareddy cat she gets up on the 6 ft. fence then has to have help to get down. The squirrels are safe from her marauding presence.
Dolly is our 9 year old buff colored pekinese dog. She has a very pug face. Jason calls her pig dog but we love her. She has a bad back from a jump off the bed and moves slower than she used to. She does get wound up sometimes when TC bops her on the head with a paw. Then the chase is on. Should see them tear up and down the hall and round and round. Sometimes TC jumps on her cat tree and just watches Dolly chase the phantom cat. It is very comical. Dolly also loves her toys. All of them have to have squeakers in them to really be fun. All her toys are kept in a tub behind Richard's chair and she is very good at dragging them all out. I have yet to teach her how to put them all back. Her favorite is a pink and purple butterfly she uses as a pillow. Such a funny sight.
Our house has one other resident as of late. It is a tiny amphibious frog. They need no land so it is very much like having a fish. Samuel won two the the things at the Cherry Festival in his old home town of Emmett. His mom called the airlines trying to find a way for the critter to go home with them. As you have guessed she was told no several times over. Such a bummer for Sam. Anyway the little guy is thriving in our care. He has grown and get fresh water every few days. The best kind of pet to have. Makes no noise, doesn't need to be petted, fed only a pellet or two a day and makes no messes on the floor.
Our family is not pet poor. Erin has two dogs, Gracie a Rat Terrier, Teia a pekinese sibling to Dolly, and a stray cat named Daisy.
Tommy has a very large guy named Payton. A one hundred and fifty pound Giant Great Dane. That dog has no clue how big he is or how strong he is. He really believes he can sit on your lap and fit. UUUUGGGG! HUGE!!!!!!!!
Each one loved, each one cared for, each one very unique. Can't imagine our lives without pets.

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  1. I remember a lizard named Lionel...lived to be a very ripe old age of 7 or so didn't he? What a warty old thing! hahahahaha! You DO have longevity with animals.