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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Trials and Tribulations of boating!

Richard and I have been boating for more years than I really care to think about. We have had a slip at Spring Shores Marina for many years. We started with a 21 ft. Bayliner and now have a 24.5 ft. Bayliner with a fly bridge. I really like the bigger boat because it has the one thing on the other one didn't. A head, or in land lubber terms a toilet. Hey when you spend 2 weeks in 21 ft. of space and there are three of you and all you have is a porta pottie you would understand my joy with the head. Richard, Erin and I spent almost 2 weeks in the San Jauns Islands on that 21 ft. boat. We had a wonderful time where ever we went. I would have given my eye teeth for a stand up head at any point in time through that trip but never as much as the middle of the night when I had to crawl out of a small berth over Richard to try and find the porta pottie that we had to take out of it's perch every night. What a pain in the neck! Literally! Originally the pot was located under a cushion in the berth. To use it one had to move the cover off, this is accomplished by only bending over due to no head room. Once the cover is removed and the lid of the pot lifted, one turned around close a very small door that heaven for bid you should have long legs cause there was no way you were going to get the door closed. If you did succeed in getting it closed one had to wrangle down the pants in order to sit and do the business. One could never sit upright just not enough head room. What a walk through frustration. Some years ago Richard and I happened to do a Safety Patrol on Lake Washington for Sea Fair. We had a Coast Guard Reservist on board and the first time he asked about the facilities I casually asked him if he had ever peed on his knees? The look I got from him was one of total confusion and amazement at my innocent question. Richard and both burst out laughing realizing what it was I had said. I should have asked have you ever had to use the head while kneeling? He finally saw the humor in my question and we explained about the head. For guys it was always I real trial to go through the moves in order to relieve themselves. Now you know why I love our 24.5 ft. boat with it's stand up head. Still a bit short for the tall guys but it works just great for me.

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