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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oregon Slugs!

I'm not sure any of my sisters will remember this particular incident but the topic of a little nuisance critter in Oregon came up tonight after a nice dinner with Chris our friend.
Connie was getting married! That in it's self was really cool but she was going one even better and getting married on the back deck where they lived. The place was at that time called "Bear Creek Lodge" it was at one time a favorite place for fisherman to stay and eat at the restaurant that was on the front of the place. The restaurant and lodging facilities has long since been closed up and it served as my mom, step dad, and little sisters home. On the day of the wedding, which was held in September, my mom was out in the yard making sure that there were no slugs on the deck. Wellllll! She had help in finding these often very large and always very slimy critters. Three little grand sons, Emery about 5, Jason and David were about 3, they were busy helping Grandma find the slugs. The boys would have no part in picking them up and putting them in the can but they would scramble around finding them for Grandma. Each would screech in joy every time she would pick up the one they had found. Not only did Mom get them all off the deck and the immediate lawn area but much more area that was far beyond necessary. Mom never said a word she just went about making them three very happy, very proud little boys. Buuuuttt! The bad thing about slugs is the slim they leave. It is very hard to wash off and Mom had a wedding she was hosting. Yuckkky stuff! She had a heck of a time washing that abundance of slim off her hands before the ceremony began. It didn't matter to her because she had made those 3 boys so very happy that every day after that they wanted Grandma to go pick up the slugs they would find.

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