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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Considering the latest trip I took with my 3 sisters I was thinking about the last time all of us sisters went on a vacation together. It wasn't just us sisters however. Dad and Mom, Carol flew out here from Florida bringing with her baby Kemp, I was engaged to Richard and he of course had to go along. Then there was Teri, Connie and Lucy. We were headed for Spokane Washington via where the road took us. One of our first stops along the way mind you we started in Twin Falls. Guess I should tell you how we traveled. Well we had a big old blue Chevy station wagon. Full bench seat in the front the sat three, full bench seat in the back that would seat four kids or one adult and three kids then you had the very back now that was the place to ride. All of this was before seat belts and car chairs for babies became the rage. So if you count how many of us were in the car whew there were 4 adults, 2 teenagers ( me and Teri) and 3 children, NINE of us. Funny thing was the car never seemed crowded. We all took our turn riding in the very back including Richard who is 6 ft. 3 in. tall. Richard helped Dad drive and then of course I got to sit in the front seat next to him. We were engaged after all. Okay back to the story. Our first stop was along the Payette River. Dad was the only one who had seen it before and we thought it was a wonderous sight. Oh I forgot to mention Sox our Boston Terrier was with us. As we all stood watching the river roar by Sox wanting to get a drink stepped on a rock and it tipped and ya you got it he slid into the river. The rocks were slippery and he was moving down steam fast. Fortunately Richard was standing just down from him and with a scoop of Sox's harness grabbed him from the river. One major accident avoided. We spent the night along the banks of a river near Ellensburg Washington. I can't begin to tell you where we all slept because putting nine people including one little boy down to sleep was my Moms thing. I know the dog slept with me as he always did and I slept as near to Richard as I dared with out getting yelled at by Mom. That vacation was spent touring the sights on the way to Spokane, such as Mt Rainier, the stops on the Lewis and Clark Trail and so on. But to me the most memorable thing actually two most memorable things were first was Lucy, I swear the girl had the bladder the size of a walnut. Every time we passed a rest area is was I gotta go. We were making no time with the constant stopping. On one such occasion Mom told her if she didn't stop she was gona end up in the garbage can. There were lots of them along the road back then. Anyway she did it again. 30 minutes from the last stop "I gota pee, Richard". Richard swerved into the next trash can. Lucy was able to hold it after that. The other thing was us kids got to stay in our first ever motel room. We were in Seaside Oregon and Mom and Dad treated us to a night in a real bed. We had a room that had a kitchenette, way cool to someone who had never seen one before, and it was located right on the beach. The only thing that separated us from the Pacific Ocean was a low stone wall. I was very impressed by that hotel. The wonder through a young persons eyes is truly a wonder to behold.
I loved that trip. We got to see old friends that had moved away. I state I had never been in. The Pacific Ocean for the first time. Mt. Ranier totally awesome. But most of all spending a wonderful vacation with family. Mom and Dad were divorced not long after that. I married Richard while I was still in high school because of the divorce. Mom, Connie and Lucy moved to Oregon. Teri married and was on her own in Twin Falls. Carol and Kemp went back to Flordia and have been back many times. We had a great time! That is one space of time in my life I wish I could repeat.

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