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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Friend Chris!

Richard and met Chris seems like yesterday when it was really a few years ago. We were in the habit of going to our local Shari's for breakfast on Saturday mornings. We loved these times together, they were quiet and we really connected. When you get in the habit of going to the same place and sit at the same table all the time the wait staff get to know your face. On one such occasion the restaurant was having a contest to see how many patrons names they could get. I can reliably say this was the beginning of the end. Chris happened to be our waitress that particular morning. I already knew her name by her tag, we introduced ourselves shook hands, which was the one and only time we ever did that, and we were off. Chris had been through some really rough times. Our restaurant friendship continued for a few months. As we got more familiar with each other we began giving hugs. Any one who knows me that I am a very open hugger. I truly believe in the power of a hug. Makes you feel loved, cared about and truly valued. Getting close to New Years Eve we asked her to join our family in a night of dinner, games and watching the ball drop at Time Square. She came over just a wee bit apprehensive and left way after midnight a friend for life. She has become our fast friend and a call her little sis. From the girl time we have together to just chatting on the phone I am truly blessed to have Chris in my life.

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