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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Crazy things in our Lives!

A week or so ago I was honored with a request to spend some time with my daughter Erin. I took my bath as usual, did my hair as usual, dressed as usual, and so on and so forth as usual. I drove over to Erin's we spent a wonderful few hours together catching up on all the ordinary stuff we do every day then I came home. I spent a little bit of time roaming around the house picking up this and that to put them where they belonged. I happened to walk into the bathroom to put a comb away and glanced in the mirror. To my shock and surprise what was looking back at me was not what I expected to see. I was wearing a pair of levi's, a black T-shirt with three small black buttons at the neck and a black and white checked blouse over that. I could not believe my eyes! I quickly took off the blouse and whipped the t-shirt off turning it right side out as I went. I then wondered to myself how many people in how many stores noticed the t-shirt I was wearing was wrong side out. I was so embarrassed that I have yet to tell anyone around here about it. I guess that is a good lesson learned that I should put my glasses on when I pick out my clothes for the day. Better yet I need to turn on the light so I am not fumbling around in the dark! Just one more thing to laugh at myself for. Life is good.

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