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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OH Fudge!!!!!!!

No I do not mean in a bad way! I am referring to the home made yummy kind. Well when it comes to home made have you ever noticed how unpredictable home made fudge is? It is a Christmas must to have a large variety of home made candies for the munching. Richard and I are blessed with the ability to visit Jason, Christy, Samuel and Christian for the Christmas and New Year holiday. The snow is deep, the air is crisp and the house is warm here in Minnesota and we are doing the typical candy making routine. From home I brought my peanut brittle and nutty noodle cluster recipes from home. I however failed to bring my fudge recipe. Christy has a large collection of cook books in which to find the perfect fudge recipe. With the help of one or two we came up with a cook book from a convent. Richard found one recipe that was "Smooth as French Silk" but with no superfine sugar and it was specific that superfine is a must. Soooooo on to the next one. Okay found one that look easy enough it used marshmellow fluff, chocolate chips, and nuts and did not make a huge ton lot. I followed the recipe very closely, cooked it up and poured it into the proper size pan than into the fridg like it said. Several hours later I pulled it out of the fridg to dump it out of the pan to cut into pieces. Whoops the only way that it was going to be eaten was with a spoon. Bummed I put it back in the fridg. When everyone had gone to bed I used on my itouch to search for the solution to soupy fudge. I lucked out and found out that I could recook it. Okay I decided the next day I will do just that. Day two of the fudge, I scooped it all into a large pan and began the long process of recooking fudge soup into real fudge. It became smooth, silky and shiny I was totally impressed with myself. After cooking for 8 minutes, discovered the recipe is flawed, I once again poured the beautiful convection into the pan I scooped it out of. I put it in the fridg once again and waited. I am a fairly patient person so waiting is not hard for me to do. I think in reality I am more of a procratinator in doing things so I do not mind waiting. I checked the stuff every so often to see if I was having any luck and guess what I was. It was firming up nicely. Okay so after everyone had gone to bed I decided to depan the fudge. It looked beautiful. I got it out in a nice 8 x 8 square and decided to cut it into small bite size pieces. I decided to let it harden up on the counter overnight. When I went to bed I left a bunch of cute little squares of chocolate yumminess. When I got up this morning laying on the counter were not little squares but little flat blobs. Christy thought they looked little cow pies. HAAAAAAAAAAA! Boy my face must have showed a ton of emotion from disbelief to disappointment. They were so cute last night now they are just not cute. They are like really soft and mushy tootie rolls. That's it I made tootsie rolls. I am going to get some wax paper and roll my little flat cow pie shaped pieces of fudge into little rolls of goodness. My grandson Samuel will be happy. It is his fault in the first place that I made fudge. I will not I repeat NOT make fudge next year. It is to much trouble, never the same twice, and hangs aroung forever. The peanut brittle, the noodle clusters, the rice krispie treats, and the cookies are a must. I will even make macaroons. Christy made some and I must say they are heavenly. Never liked them much before but they are very very good. Can't wait to share them at home.
The old saying that necessity it the mother of invention is oh so true! We do what we have to do when we have to do it and are happy about it. I wish to all of you a very happy and glorious Christmas season. God be with each and everyone of you in all your endevors.
Really wish I had some pictures of this poor excuse for fudge. You could all use a good laugh.

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  1. have been wondering how your visit is going! Glad to hear it is great. I decided to bag the fudge this year, I still have some in my freezer from 2 years ago! yuck! I made caramel corn and almond roca (only I didn't have almonds so used walnuts, sort of weird flavored)...

    I love you sissy! Tell Christy to send me some o dem macaroons...I DO love macaroons!