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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in Minnesota!

Woke up this morning to two boys and a dog making a whole bunch of racket. It was only 6 a.m. you would think that they were only 4 or 5. Samuel who is 13 woke up really early and could not go back to sleep. We will not have Christmas presents until this evening because Christy is working today. I made a yummy breakfast casserole and will make dinner. They boys are waiting till then but none to willingly I might add. It is a bit strange but strange is ok. The only thing missing is Erin and the girls. They are home doing their thing with Tom and his family. I pray they make it a success and that the girls are happy. I believe they had Christmas with their dad yesterday. Being divorced is a very hard way to live. Been there and done that. I would not wish that on one single person.
The weather has been a bit crazy even for Minnesota. When we first got here it was cold cold then it snowed like crazy then it rained on top of that now it is snowing. Hard off and on, big and small flakes. I love the big feather flakes. They float down so slowly and land softly adding to the piles that already cover the ground. From the weather reports it is supposed to put down about 12 inches. This is really having a white christmas. At home in Idaho we are not supposed to get snow. It is cold but not going to snow. Christmas snow is always the best snow I think. Makes our world quiet and still. Full of peace and clean, I love it.
I wish for all a very cherished Christmas and a properous new year. My love to all.

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