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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Fall!

The other day we had our first snow fall of the season. It was beautiful to watch and it reminded me of when we made snowmen as kids. What fun it was for all of us to be out in the yard, rolling what we thought were gigantic snow balls. As we got them to the size we wanted we would go get some help from Dad to stack them for us. It was a race then to see who could find the eyes, the nose, stick arms, a hat and scarf and something for a mouth. Of course we had to find a pipe but that wasn't hard to do. In those days that is what Dad smoked. I can still smell the Prince Albert tobacco he used. He always had a pipe that was all but wore out for us to use.
Dad used the pipe in conjunction with roll your own. I loved to watch him roll them up. He could do it with one hand. The smell was not like the nasty cigarettes of today but of sweet cherry. It is not a smell that we smell today. Pipes have gone out and fortunately cigarettes have fallen out of favor.
It is funny the things that bring back childhood memories like they were yesterday. I can still little Lucy all bundled in her blue snowsuit, knitted mittens on, some sort of scarf on her head. Connie would be dressed in several layers of tights, socks and pants. She would have a sweater and coat on as well as hat or scarf. We would all be dressed pretty much the same way. The one thing we never had was water proof snows shoes or boats. We would put as many socks on as would go in our shoes then tie plastic bread sacks over our shoes to help keep our feet dry. We could stay outside a bit longer if we were dry. Of course our hands were always cold and wet due to the fact we did not have water proof mittens or gloves. We could stay fairly warm if we didn't touch or sit down in the snow. But what fun was there in that. We played in the snow until we could not feel our hands or our feet. We would go in the house and huddle around the oil stove to get warm. If we were desperate we would go run our hands under warm water, only problem with that was the would itch for hours after ward.
Man we had fun. I would love to back just for a few hours and play like a kid again with all my sisters there. I want to make a snow man with Carol, Teri, Connie and Lucy. Maybe one day we will get together in the winter and do just that. I love you guys.

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  1. Ohhhh....I am SOOOO jealous! I was driving home from Newport today and started to think about that one Christmas long ago when we went to bed on Christmas eve with warm weather and woke up to snow! magical! The first thing I do and have done every single Christmas since then? I pray and ask for snow and I look out the bedroom window! Your back yard looks like a mystery land! I miss those times as well and melancholy sort of steals over me when remembering right along with you. Such vivid detail huh? I had forgotten the bread sack trick! haha! We may have been poor in money but we sure weren't poor in ingenuity and cleverness!

    I had a WONDERFUL hour or so long visit with my awesome nephew! It warmed my heart when I saw his number and shouted hello into my phone only to have that amazing giggle on the other end. What a great visit we had and he made me laugh the entire time!

    Love you sissy! love you so much!