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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I have been trying to remember some of the Thanksgiving as a kid and believe it or not I really can't get any particular one to come to mind. When your a kid at thanksgiving the only thing you can think of the fact that Christmas is only a month away. I remember one holiday season Mom made a fake gingerbread house. It was made of cardboard then covered with whipped Ivory soap flakes. It looked wonderful and I loved it. Our dog also loved it and decided to eat a mouth full or two. Needless to say the next day or two the dog did not feel so good. He actually foamed at the mouth for a bit. It was funny to see the dog in such a state but Mom was not to pleased with the dog for eating part of her hard work.
I have some pictures in my collection I will have to find and post that shows Mom sitting on the floor playing with a Incredible Edible machine. It was awesome to make these funky shaped creatures and bugs that you could actually eat. They tasted not so good but the process of fun. Mom looks so young in that picture it is fun to have. I have another picture of that same day that has Dad on his knees with Connie playing with a Hot Wheels race set. Those were some good days. I was 17 and Richard was in my life and it was good. I think that was the last Christmas we spent all together before Mom and Dad divorced the next summer.
Today we celebrate Thanksgiving! I know it is tomorrow but Erin has to work a 7a to 7p shift tomorrow and we did not feel like doing dinner at 8 o'clock at night so we opted for today. I am doing the cooking of the turkey and the basics and Erin is doing the pie and rolls. In my opinion they are the most important part of the meal. It feels a little strange to be doing it one day early but I am grateful that we can.
I wanted to write a few of the reasons why I am grateful this time of year and lament a couple of others as to why I feel so funky. First I am grateful that my family is healthy. Erin has reoccurring pain in her elbow and knee but for the most part she is good. Jason is good and enjoying getting used to a new job. Richard has the same complaints he has always had but doing good otherwise and staying busy and out of my hair. My kids in law are doing well and staying busy, the grand kids are all healthy and doing well in school. My Mom, Dad, Step Dad, Sisters their husbands and all there kids and grandkids are doing well and looking forward to a holiday filled with babies and good times together. Lucy is getting ready for a wedding in Florida. Matt is finally found someone who can wrangle his wild heart. Good for Lindsey.
As for the funky side. I am dealing with this stomach thing the best I can. Getting used to the new normal as my brother in law Jim was telling me the other night. Our normal never stays the same. There is only one fact that never changes in this life and that is THAT NOTHING EVER STAYS THE SAME, EVERYTHING CHANGES! For good or for bad that is just as it is. I am feeling a bit down because of the break up of our family. It will be the first major holiday since the divorce of Tommy and Erin that we have to deal with. I am feeling a bit unsure of how I feel about the whole deal. We will be gone for Christmas and I am unsure about that as well. I look forward to spending it with Jason and his family but I will miss my daughter and my grand daughters. I would for Erin to find really cheap airline tickets at the last minute and be able to join us. It would be fabulous but I am kidding myself into thinking that it might actually happen. I have learned to never say oh well there is always next year as we can never really anticipate what next year may bring.
This will all pass I am sure and I will have a wonderful holiday season before we leave and a wonderful holiday celebration after we get home. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! You are all loved and missed.

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