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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More on the life and times of the family circus!!

Ya sometimes it felt like a family circus. I had a comment from my cousin Doris on Facebook the other day that helped bring up a flood of memories about growing up and visiting family in Nevada. I dare any of you to know where Deeth Nevada is. Well my Aunt MaryLou, Uncle Jack, and their 5 girls lived there. I am named after Mary lou but I will that for you to figure out. I always thought Uncle Jack was at least 10 foot tall. He was for many years until I got to be an adult. I remember one time when we were staying down there for a week or two, don't recall the reason, but none the less we were there. They lived not to far from a creek. The only thing that between them and the creek was a stretch of all manner of brush that was not very forgiving. We loved playing in that brush and by the creek. One day we were running around, I do mean running, acting like crazy kids and I got a buck brush thorn under my knee cap. With the help of Doris and I am not sure who else they helped me back to the house. I got sat on the table and Uncle Jack took out of pair of tweezers the size of Texas. My oh my he was using them on me! Very gently he pried around on that thorn until he was able to get a good grip on it and pull it out. I swear it was a foot long but was actually about a half an inch. Big when you have skinny knobby knees. I remember him always been soft spoken unless you were making a racket and he was listening to the news then he would yell you kids go outside. We spent a lot of time outside. Deeth was a magical place to visit. No real traffic there, no paved roads, still aren't any, a very quiet slow moving place to live and visit. Was hardly any place we couldn't go as long as we let someone know. I enjoyed playing with my cousins there are 5 of them just like there are 5 if us. Doris is the oldest. Her and I are not far from the same age, Teresa was next and she was about the same age as Connie, Laurie was after that but she is older than Lucy and younger than Connie, then came Diana closer to Lucy, then the baby of their family is Alice. I have always called her Alice Jane, some call her Jane and others just Alice. She lived in Boise for awhile but moved back to Alaska some years back. Sometimes I wish I could go back and visit those years. The couch with the wagon wheel ends and horse head stitching on them, the flour coated kitchen when Aunt Mary lou made a meal. Lettuce from the ceiling to the floor, peas in Doris's pockets caused she hated peas, the only thing I don't miss is the darn bugs that packed a sane person off in the late afternoon.
I remember baby deer, bob cats, cows, horses and so much more that with some thought I can write about. Thank God for families. Have a great evening.
The top picture is of Dad when he was a very young man and the next is Mom just a week or so ago. Richard gave her bunny ears.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVED Uncle Jack! He was the last of the great cowboys in my eyes! I can see him as clear as day. I remember being incredibly shy around our cousins, almost awkwardly, until we got outside and then all heck would break loose. One time Alice Jane, Deena, me and Blaine were playing in a creek and found a little nest of mice. They were so cute. The main thing I remember about being at Aunt Mary Lous? THE POPSICLE!!! I have searched high and low for those little Popsicle trays. We would get to get them out of that chest freezer on the porch! Great good times, lots of good memories of our trips down there. I might have to blog a few of my own!