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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I get no respect!

Little Sis Lucy said she would have gladly eaten my egg sandwich for me. Just to bad she wasn't here to do just that. No Lucy I do not glow in the dark but I have a sneaky idea that something else might. LOL! I think the next time someone asks me if am allergic to eggs I will tell them of course! The tech just had no sympathy for me not liking them. I think he was really surprised when I confessed it had been oh so long ago that I had eaten them. Now if it were an egg salad sandwich no problemo I would have gladly downed it. Love those things. Oh well what is done is done and I sure hope I don't have to do it again. I will make darn sure the next time I have to lay still for 90 minutes I won't drink anything for a long time before that. Whew! that was quite the trial not to fidget!
I guess if I write down what I am thinking about the whole deal it might be a bit scary and then that gives it power. I really hope there is something to what the tests are all about and not the fact that the Lupus has reared it ugly head. Makes me a bit nervous, but the good Lord will watch out for me. I just have to keep remembering that.
My granddaughters were here tonight while their Dad was in class and Mom was at work and the two of them decided to play in my undies drawer. You all know the one I mean not only undies but bras to. Lainey came to the end of the hall and announced that "Coming down the hall is Isabelle" of course we, Richard, Chris (our friend), and myself turned to see what that was all about. In struts Izzy wearing one of my bras under her shirt. Okay tons of memories came flooding back to a time of graduation and a video that exists to this day.
When Jason graduated from high school the whole family came to help him celebrate. We, the women I mean, were busy cooking and doing laundry. Lucy and I are folding clothes at the kitchen table when Lucy jerked a training bra out of the basket and flashed around the room asking who it belonged to. Of course we all knew and thought it was funny but Erin thought otherwise. She got all huffy grabbed the bra and flounced out of the room. Well then she found one of our Moms bras. She put it on then Carol filled it with socks and Jim, Connie's husband grabbed a hand full from behind. It was very funny and lightened the mood some what. Well it seemed everyone was obsessed with the bra thing I jerked up my shirt to show my very prim and proper, no frills bra, off. Of course I did not realize I was being filmed. Lucy and John forgot about that little exchange on the video and showed it to their Pastor and his wife. Can you just see the look on their faces when the bra scene popped up. Lucy and John were more than a little surprised but Mike and Nancy were very amused. It was fun in those days. A house full of family and lots to do. I wish I would have cherished those times more than I did. I haven't watched that tape in a long time and every time I do I cry. Emery is on there and he has been gone almost 11 years. Wow time sure has a way of getting away from us. Enjoy each day, love all the way, take care of each other, forgive first, and don't let little things dominate your life. Good night!

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  1. as I remember jerked up your shirt and said, "AND THIS IS MY BRA!!!!" and, no, Mike and Nancy weren't all that amused! hahahahaha! Funny funny times. I cannot watch that video either without crying. What a riot and what a blessing. BOTH Em and Lori are on there, that vid was shot just the few months before Lori died.

    I love you! I GUESS I respect you! hahahaha! JK