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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sleeping outside!!!

Aunt Mary Lou and her girls had come to Twin Falls to visit Mom, they may have been there for a more specfic reason but we were never in on that part. Anyway one evening Mom, Mary Lou, and I think Aunt Pat decided to go out to a place called the Military Inn. They were going to go have a drink, not that any of them drank very much, it was just a good way to get away from all of us kids and have just adult talk. Well back to the story. This particular evening in the heat of summer us kids decided to sleep outside. We hauled the sleeping bags out in the back yard opened them up and each of us grabbed a blanket and a pillow. I was dating a boy named Ron Taylor at the time and him and some of his friends decided to pay us a visit. So 3 or 4 boys snuck down the drive way of the neighbors house and hopped over the fence for a visit. Just about the time they got settled down on the bags at our feet we saw head lights heading up the drive way. Thank goodness the house hid the back yard so the guys made a dash for the fence, they made a dive for the ditch that ran just the other side of our fence, well they were in for a surprise because the neighbor had used that ditch earlier that day to flood irragate his fruit orchard. The ditch was still very wet and muddy. When the car finally stopped and they got out all three of the ladies walked over to check on us. We all must have pretended sleep very well because they never said anything to us. until the adults could get pulled around back then into the house. A couple of the guys hopped back over the fence after a bit to tell us they were going home because they were mostly wet and muddy. I guess the moral of this story is it does not pay to sneak around. I was pretty funny for a few days afterward.

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