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Monday, September 28, 2009

Fried Egg Sandwiches!!!

Ya you read it right fried egg sandwich! Probably wondering what in the world is that all about! Well I will tell you. The story really is not a long one and you may get a laugh or two but just remember my pain! LOL!!!!
Back when I was 9 or so about the 4th grade, I got real sick with Strep. I came down with it on a Sunday. Felt really bad at church that day but still went. Come Monday morning I told Mom I was not feeling very good. Oh well it was probably nothing she said so I ate a very small bowl of cereal, got dressed and sat on the couch to wait for the bus. I must have not looked so good by that time because Mom came over and laid her hand on my forehead. She sent me back upstairs to change out of my dress. I was sick and I was staying home from school. I wasn't really happy about it because I was really really sick. Mom took pity seeing as I ate very little breakfast she decided to feed me bacon and eggs. Yummy at that time I loved bacon and eggs! I ate the bacon first then attempted to eat the egg. By the time I got to it my throat hurt so bad I could barely swallow. A couple of bites and the egg came back up. I was really sick now. From that day on I have not been able to eat a fried egg. So that brings me to today. I had a test called a gastric emptying test. I couldn't eat for 6 hours before hand then had to eat something and have a video taken of my stomach working. When I got there this morning at the early hour of 6:30 a.m. I was okay with the upcoming test. At least I didn't have to drink some foul tasting stuff like a couple of weeks ago. I was just gona ingest some tracer laced stuff and lay about for 90 minutes. Bob the tech in the medical imagining dept. came and got me, sat in front of a fried egg sandwich! You have got to be kidding I said! It was huge and it was fried eggs! I couldn't believe it fried eggs! Not just one but two, two thick slices of bread, and nothing else. No butter, no mayo, no nothing not even salt. I was stunned. "I hate eggs" I told Bob. "Are you allergic" he asked? "No", "Okay eat up!" "But it is to big", I said. I can barely get down half a sandwich and certainly not a two egg one. We agreed I could take off one slice of bread, double the egg over and eat up. Yuck! I kept telling myself it tastes like bologna. Almost lost it once but I kept it down with the help of a glass orange juice. Drank a 10 oz. glass down to kill the taste of the egg then had to lay still for 90 minutes. Do you know how long 90 minutes is to a almost 57 year old bladder. The last 15 were more like torture. I was suppose to lay very still while the machine was running but I was beginning to go into over load. When the buzzer finally sounded Bob could not get that machine from over me fastest enough. To top it off I couldn't sit up by myself. I had laid with my legs propped up my upper body on some sort of slant thing for the pictures which put all my weight on my lower back and hips. I could not even sit up by myself. I was sorta numb. A numb butt, better then a numb skull. My first stop out of the hospital was the closest rest room. Whew! what a relief! Won't know until Friday what the test results were but I hope I don't have to do anything like that again. The egg I mean, shear torture!
Boating season is over! I am glad but sad in a way. We always have a nice time but it can be such work to get ready to go. I would rather go in the camper at least it sit in the yard before we go. Going on the boat I have to pack everything up and take it up there. Been doing it for so many years know I can almost do it in my sleep. I unloaded all the stuff that may freeze already! Gona put it in a clear plastic box this year so I can find it when it comes time to put it all back in. Forgot where most of it was last year. Found some stuff just the other day. Guess I did not need it so much if I went all summer without it. I'll do better next year.
Richard is happy today. We are getting a new slab of concrete poured on Friday. Our boat sat in the mud last year and it was a mess. Not again we got her covered now.
Weather is cooling off, feeling more like fall everyday. I love the color of fall just not the fact that it leads to winter.
It feels like a century since I saw Lucy and Connie. I love reading the blog that Lucy writes. I get to follow her family from the side lines. I can still hear little Lulu giggle. She is so blasted cute. Wish she lived closer I would spoil her rotten. Lucy now has an empty nest. I know so much of how she feels. Relieved and sad all at once. Got them raised and see what they do fly the coop. Ya I know! Her Matt, my Jason boys so far from home makes me ache just thinking about it. SSSSSSOOOOOOO I won't think about that just the good stuff.
Well all have a great day. Love and good wishes to all.
The pictures are the banks of Boise River, Bosley the water dog, Ja and Christys dog, my ode to summer pink toes!

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  1. see, therein lies the difference between me and you, I LOVE LOVE LOVE fried egg sammys! I could have eaten them for you! did you glow in the dark? Did you make funny tummy noises? Do you think it will come out a funny color? hahahahahahahaha!

    I love you, I miss you, I wish you were closer too, Lu would love to hang with her aunt Penny. Guess you need to come over here and hang for a few days! hahaha!