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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Just got back from a Auxiliary meeting in Seattle. The meeting was informative and always to see old friends and make new ones.
After the weekend was over we headed south toward Eugene to see Mom and Bill. We made a stop first in Albany, Oregon to have dinner with family. It was so very nice to see Connie and Lucy again. They brought kids and husbands and grand kids. Connie,Jim, Lucy, John, Jodie, Kenny, Holly,Nathan,Myla, Jonah, Lucy, John, Kaylee, Bryce, Lucy (Lulu) for short, Aaron, and his girl friend Alexis. So very very good to see all of them. For all but Connie and Lucy it had been 4 years. Way to long for family, but pride and stubborness kept getting in the way before.
We had a wonderful lunch a Izzy's Pizza place. As lunch was winding down little Lulu sat on her Grandma's lap, my lil sis Lucy, she had a very keen interest in the green peas I had remaining on my plate. She kept reaching across the table for them. I put one on a fork and handed it to her. She took it from the fork but was careful to not get to close. We kept it up for a little bit and she edged further up on the table each time. Finally she was taking them from my fingers. She became fascinated by my ice water and straw. I let her play with the straw and fed her ice cubes. Finally she would reach in the glass for her own ice and try to feed it to Grandma, Great Aunt Connie and Great Aunt Penny. She is so absolutely the cutest little girl. She looks a lot like her mom but has a lot of her dad in her. She has a wonderful laugh, one that makes you want to eat her up. I enjoyed our play time together and so very glad I got to see her. Myla was not to sure about me so I kept my distance until she was ready to come around. She wanted me to chase her. I did a couple of times but it really makes me mad when I have to stop doing something so much fun due to limited physical ability. These darn steel knees of mine just don't go like they used to. Jonah is a beautiful little boy. He slept a lot and I got to kiss him on his check and neck. Sure wish we all lived closer together it would be so much fun.
Our time in a park let us relax and visit about all kinds of things. I hope we can do it again before much time has passed.
When we went to Moms we just kind of crashed. You know when you have information over load. Both Richard and I had that. We spent time just sitting around resting up and talking about every day things. I helped Mom can Connie 9 pints of green beans. I hadn't done that in a long time. Gave me the bug to get some peaches and pears done. Soon Erin and I will get them done.
Mom invited me to go to her quilt group on Tuesday. I am glad she has finally been able to get together with some fellow quilters and do what she enjoys. We did see Randy, Bills youngest boy, while we were there. He is so very thin and facing a real battle. He was recently told he has liver cancer. He recently battled throat cancer. I feel his time on this earth is limited. I was glad to hear he is going to church. I guess it is true that it is never to late. I feel so bad for Bill. Just knowing that one of your children is living his last days has got to be hard on him. I know it is hard on Mom knowing how much Bill is hurting. They all have their heads held high and want quality not quantity. The best possible way to live ones last days. I pray for Gods will to be done what ever it may be.
Going through a bunch of tests to find an answer to a physical problem took me back to the farm we used to live on. I was trying to recall the accidents I have had or the other thousands of medical questions we are asked. I remembered on day when Mom took the trash out to the burn barrel. That was in the day when everyone burned what they used. Our burn barrel was located near a telephone pole. I always liked to go out there with Mom and this one particular was not different. As Mom lit the fire I leaned on the pole kicking a bleach bottle with my heel. Yes as you have probably guessed I cut my heel wide open. Back in the 50's bleach bottles were just that glass bottles and brown to boot. It is funny I can not remember if I had stitches or not but I probably did. Just one of the very few booboos I had.
I was chatting with Mom and she told me about the time that her sister Marylou and herself went to live with their Aunt Marty in a town called Pollock. They did this because their parents had moved to Richfield and they would not have been able to ride their horse to school because it was to far. They stayed with Aunt Marty because they could ride the bus from where she lived. I asked Mom how long they lived with her and it was only until early spring when Grandma and two of her sister went to get them. She also told me they had a flat tire on the way back home. Her and Mary Lou had to sit in the car very still because the car was up on a jack and if they moved the car would fall and they would be stuck out on the road for a very long time. Someone came along and picked up Grandma and her sister Julia while Jean stayed with the two girls. They sat very still for over 2 hours while they went to the nearest town got the tire fixed and the gentleman that picked them took them back to their car and put the tire back on. Can you imagine your children or grand children sitting still for over two hours. Not in this life time. Just one of the things I have learned from Mom. I need to talk to her more and write them down so I don't forget the stories.
Well it is getting late and I am tired. Still recovering from the trip. Good night and God Bless all.

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