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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Okay so I was gone for awhile. A mild case of to much on the brain to even begin to unravel it all. Richard and spent a wonderful 4 days not doing a lot but spending time together visiting old friends, meeting new friends, and spending one of the last weeks on our boat.
We went to the Twin Falls County fair and we had a ball. Gary Loggan has been Richard's friend since Jr. High School. With his wife Marion and I we wondered around a very old and dear place filled with so many memories it makes want to cry. We ate Pronto Pups, drank real home made Lemonade (yum yum), I ate Cotton Candy seeing that I am the only one of the four that is still really a big kid at heart. While we were walking around my cell phone rang out a very catchy tune that always makes me smile. Giddy Up Giddy Up 409, can you just hear it in your head. Well any way back to the call it was my oldest and oh so far away son Jason. He wanted to know where we were and he was jealous. As he listened to the sounds around me he was taken back to a time at the fair when he and three other boys were there. They were, your not gona believe this, but Jason, Jason, Jason and Emery. Kinda reminds me of the Bob Newhart show when the guy is introducing his brother Daryl, his other brother Daryl and he is Larry. My Jason had taken his friend from Boise a neighbor Jason Squire and Emery had taken his friend Jason Carmichel, boy can you just imagine the confusion. I had to call them different nick names to keep them all straight. My Jason brought back that oh so wonderful and long ago memory. He even went so far as to ask me to send him a carmel apple. You know I almost went and had one air brushed on a shirt just so he would get his apple. Now I really wish I would have.
I have been in sort of a funk lately. The anniversary of Emery's death is fast approaching and it always makes so very sad and missing him so much. Sometimes it feels just like yesterday that I could see his large hands reaching out to give me a hug and tell me see ya later Aunt P. It is almost 11 years now wow where does the time go.
Better change the subject or I will drown my keyboard. Now wouldn't just shock me! HaHa! Gota laugh hurts to much to cry.
I have been battling my stomach for quite some time and my little trip to the hospital via the ambulance made me take steps to find the cause. I have been prodded literally on both ends not at the same time mind you but on the same day in the same visit. Slept the best I had in a while after getting a good share of Versaid, and a couple of other unnamed drugs. No results as yet so will go in on the 28th to have a gastric emptying study. What even in the world that means. Just so as they make me feel better soon I am really past the point of caring.
I am getting ready for a meeting of the Coast Guard Auxiliary in Seattle with a whole bunch of big wigs that are active duty Coast Guard. It is always informative, a tad boring at times, full of good fellowship and makes me nervous. Can you imagine me nervous. Welllllll it happens. I start to shake and have to be careful not to hold paper in my hand or it shakes right along with me. At least my voice doesn't shake. I am looking forward to getting away for a little while and the prospect of seeing my two little sisters again. I sure do miss their company. I have been trying every way possible to get my Dad out of the nursing home and back into his own home but it is just not happening so far. I feel like I am pushing a big flat boulder up a hill. Who ever said that old age was the golden years. For heavens sake take me into the woods and leave me to the animals. I get so frustrated with the whole buracratic process. If he lived closer to us or we lived there it still would be a hard fought battle because his home is not condusive to him being there. He needs a step in shower and only has a tub. I need to talk to him and find out what needs to be done on the bathroom to possibly get it fixed up. Jason said he would go down and fix it but I think us girls are going to have to pay for it. All of Dads money is going to the nursing home and he doesn't have much to begin with. I do not want Jason to pay for it. He has two boys that eat a body out of house and home. I have to do some more checking to see if it is possible if we can meet all the conditions or if he is just going to have to be content where he is. Time will tell. Right now I have this big meeting to deal with so I will deal with that issue when I get home.
On a much lighter note we are gona go to Minnesota for Christmas. It has been 4 years since I have had a holiday with my son. That is when I miss him the most. When he was growing up he was a terrible snoop at Christmas. He even so far as to take the hinge pins off a locked door to find the presents we had locked inside. We knew he had been in there because I took special note of how I had things stacked. He admitted later on that knowing wasn't as much fun as he thought it was. He still wakes up really early and he is 36 years old. Imagine that.
Well It is getting very late, I have to get up early to get on the road to Washington and I haven't even packed yet. Oh my stars!
Before I go I will do one more thing. Gona add some really cool pictures of my grandsons and some of the fishing they did this summer. Have a great week and Luc you make me smile you make me laugh and I am so glad you are my sis.

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  1. I now can attribute the tears of the day to you and to Em...oh man...I still can't talk about him very easily without tears. I have a pic I will take a pic of and post it. Its one of him and David but its that look on his face that always made you want to rope the world in and hand it to him. Know the one I mean? I feel your heart sissy and I love you so much. On a lighter side, your baby sister will be 48 in a few weeks!!!!! I haven't done the math for your age but I am sure it is MUCH MUCH older than me! hahahahahahahahaha! Love you