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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lost in thought!

You may be wondering about the title of this blog and the only response I have that is I truly lost in thought. Sometimes things just pour out of my mind like a faucet with a bad drip and other times it is like some idiot tightened the handle to tight and I can't turn it on. Well anyway my faucet is tight so what I have to say is stopped up in the spigot somewhere waiting to find a weak spot and drip again.
Last night was Halloween and it is always fun to watch the little kids come to the door with the parents standing at the end of the drive way. I love the faces of each one of them. Seems like we get fewer and fewer every year. When Ja and Erin were growing up there was always a herd of kids in the neighbor hood but with most of us grandparents and fewer children in the area it was a very slow night last night. The two cutest visitors came in the shape of a fairy princess and a cute little witch. I gave them a special treat because they were so cute but mostly because they are my granddaughters. They were both so cute in the costumes their dad bought for them and the make up their mom put on them. Of course the make up is the favorite part. They both are very girly girls loving all things fluffy, lacey, feminine and fun. I love doing things for them. I went so far as to make cute jumpers this last week out of some very cute cotton fabric I bought when Richard and I were at mom's in Sept. Both were a very cute pattern simple enough with just the right amount of halloween flair to them. They loved it and looked cute wearing them. Those two girls are always so appreciative of the things they are given. Mom and Bill brought some books to them when the came last week and the first thing that Lainey did was have Great Papa read to her from one of the books. It just happened to be a Stories from the Bible book. They both have to strip off the clothes they have on when they are given any new clothing. I love doing things for them. The boys are not so outspoken when given new things. They like them but are much more quiet about it all.
I am suddenly reminded of some of my trick or treats of the past. We did not buy costumes but just hard plastic masks. They were always so sweaty but it was fun none the less. Most kids in our day used pillow cases when they went out. We used a brown paper bag and not a large one. Mom did not believe in going out till all hours of the night.
When Ja and Erin were kids I always was the one to go with them. It was always fun because if the parents saw who was with them I always got a treat too. One particular neighbor always gave the local kids she knew popcorn balls. Yummo!!! I really miss Agnes she was a very special lady with a fine talent for cooking. When you visited her house you better not of had breakfast, lunch or dinner right away because she was going to feed you with no questions asked. Wow what a cook.
That thought brings me to another place in my thinking and that is about the closeness of our neighbor hood street. If anyone on the street needs help there is always someone around to lend a hand. When I recently had an unexpected ambulance ride most of the neighbors were all very concerned about what was going on and if I am alright. It is a very comforting thought to know the people around here are looking out for each other.
The pictures at the beginning of this are of last fall and the girls playing in the leaves. There is a picture of me but no way am I going to post it!

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