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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Birthdays! Not Me!!

I guess I should be happy to be another year older because the alternative is not one a choose to think of. Well yesterday I turned 57. How about I say I don't want to be 57 but rather 27. I felt good then. Had little kids, lots of energy, no fillings, all my hair, and had only been married 10 years. Whew to much to be thinking about today. I had a good day all in all. Family and friends all wished me well and I got presents. In all my 57 years I only remember one birthday party and it was just seven years ago. My girls, Erin and Christy threw me a party for my 5oth. We had a lot of fun. I could even laugh about getting older. I sure wish I looked as young as Erin does. Oh well to much life ahead to regret and look back.
To all who wished me a Happy Birthday thank you it was great.

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