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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is anyone reading this?

Well all you out there I guess you are out there are you reading and not commenting? What is it you want to hear from me? Goofy stories, my life in a nut shell, or my heart break? Well you will not read much on heart break because I have very little. A couple of sentences will tell you what breaks my heart. First the fact that my Jason and his family choose to live so very far away. I used to worry if we had done something or said something that chased them away. Christy and Jason have always assured us it was not about us but I still have my doubts. Jason likes to come home but Christy on the other hand hasn't been here in a couple of years. I miss them so much it makes my heart hurt. Next would be that Erin does not want me as a parent anymore. Her words she wants a pal. How does a mother keep her child at arms length? I have yet to figure that out. I let her call me, I abstain from contacting her even to just say I am thinking about her. I am more than a little afraid that she will misread my intentions. So short story it is easier to be safe than to risk another argument and alienation. I am eternally grateful to my sisters. All 5 of them. Carol, Teri, Connie, Lucy and Judy. Judy is not blood but she is just as much a sister as one that is. I have been bolstered, uplifted, assured and comforted by all of them. I feel loved and cared for by each. I am so blessed by them and very grateful for them! I have to tell you all about something that happened last week. You got it right it happened to yours truly and it was funny to everyone but me. Isabelle was sick with Strep Throat so she was here with us and laying on the couch watching TV. On the tube was a movie called "ED" it is about a monkey that helps a farm team baseball pitcher throw a curve ball. This monkey had quite an arm. When he first picked up the ball I didn't think to much about it until he let it fly and I just happened to look up at the tv and saw that ball screaming toward my face. OMG it startled me so bad I actually jumped and did the startled sound. Richard started laughing so much I thought he was going to fall out of his chair. Izzy could only ask if I was okay. Well suffice it to say it was a few minutes before my heart rate slowed and I could go change my pants. I am to old for stuff like that to happen. Well I was going to write more but Richard just came home from golfing with friends and he is hungry. We are going to have Chinese. See you all later.

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  1. well I still read it!!! Love you too my "middle of five" sister! You are awesome....

    Isn't it funny how we tend to look at things as though they are directly meant to hurt us or damage us in some way? The Lord points that out to me often, I think, so that I will remember that its not always about me, its seldom about me. DANG IT!!!!!!!!! You are growing in the Lord so much, stay the course, run the race and don't get weary in doing well or learning to face your obstacles in yourself and see what you truly are...Beautiful, amazing and sweet...(did I say THAT?) haha! Its when we face those challenges with grace and humility that we grow and die to our own desire to be loved as we demand it. (have been reading Hinds Feet On High Places a little bit)....

    I love you to the ends of the earth and back again!!!!!!